3 Steps to Attracting the Right Audience to Your Website

One of my favorite metaphors that I like to use when talking about driving traffic to a website is “All roads lead to your website” (as opposed to all roads leading to Rome). Your website is the hub to your business, much like Memphis is the SuperHub for Federal Express – all packages are routed through Memphis, or at least they used to be.

Sooner or later, a client, a prospective client, or a friend who might refer you to a prospective client, is going to make their way to your website and visit your hub. Much like an airport, they may visit your website on several occasions; they might even visit regularly, perhaps as regularly as you send out your promotions to them, even in the middle of the night.

Step One – Make Your Website Easy to Find

Your website URL should be on every piece of business branding you have, from your business cards to your email signatures, to your printed cards, and so on. Make it easy for someone to find you. I have seen all too many promo pieces where the artist has not made the URL clearly visible, or even worse – it’s not there at all!

Step Two – Locate the Appropriate Audience

In terms of driving the right traffic to your website, have you done your homework? Are you communicating with the right people that your work is relevant to? If you research and target your appropriate audience, then you are more likely to get a great response to both your promotions and your website, and you will continue to attract the right people.

For instance, if you are exclusively a food shooter and you send your promo piece of a juicy hamburger to a fashion and beauty person, then you are potentially wasting their time and yours. Not only are you not relevant, but you also made them hungry! However, if you shoot food and still life, and some of your work includes cosmetics, you are more appropriate to the fashion and beauty person since it is relevant to their brand.

Step Three – Make Them Want to Return

Perhaps you are a portrait shooter, and you send this one great image of a doctor to a pharmaceutical agency, but when the agency goes to your website, there is no other healthcare-related imagery. They are not likely to come back again.

And one last tip from a photo editor I spoke with recently, and that is, if you use a great image in your email or promo, make sure that the same image is not only on the website but also easy to find. That might be the one image that catches his attention, and he may need to find it on your website again so he can show his boss.

Louisa Curtis

After spending a number of years in the commercial photography industry, Louisa Curtis now works to help photographers refine their vision, target the appropriate audience, and create and implement internet-driven business plans.

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