3 Tips For Using Instagram As An Extension Of Your Portfolio

Of all the social media sites, Instagram may well be the one that you should exploit in a big way if you’re a photographer. The social networking service that’s famous for its photo- and video-sharing features is the perfect place to house an extension of your professional portfolio. You never know who will end up seeing and then following your Instagram stream. It could be a future employer, a big-time magazine or a new collaborator. Here are the hottest tips to make Instagram a highly interesting extension of your portfolio.

#1. Don’t Make Your Instagram Stream All About Business

Contrary to popular belief, those Instagram streams that get photographers noticed and get them extremely desirable work are not all about a photographer’s shooting niche. For instance, if you’re a car photographer, it would benefit you greatly to vary the choice of pictures that you post to your stream; i.e. don’t only post images of cars. It’s highly important to keep your selection of pictures very assorted and unpredictable since potential employers evaluate that as a measure of your creativity, personality and taste. Therefore, feel free to include self-portraits, shots of anything that inspires you as an artist, and even vacation pictures on your stream.

#2. Update Your Stream Regularly and Frequently

If you’re going to use Instagram as an extension of your portfolio, then you have to make sure that you keep it updated regularly and frequently. A stream that’s constantly being updated with your best shots, inspired shots and personality shots will make a much bigger impression on anyone who’s already following your stream and contemplating working with you. At the very least, it tells them that you’re a very active photographer with a lot going on in your mind. Curating your online presence on Instagram is definitely a must. Make sure that your stream is never quiet for too long. Active Instagram profiles are the ones with the most followers, so, again, you only do yourself a favor by constantly tending to your page!

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#3. Make Your Pictures Outrageously Eye-Catching

There is a ton of competition on Instagram because more artists are beginning to see it as a way to extend their portfolios. The solution to getting lost in the crowd of fellow photographers is by ensuring that the pictures on your stream stand out from everyone else’s. How do you do this? Simple: make them so eye-catching that people can’t look away. Eye-catching photos are those that you don’t see all the time. They’re the type of photos that people will actually stop and look at or go back to if they’ve been scrolling too fast on Instagram. So pay attention in particular to cropping, filters you choose, captions you add, and any other pre-sharing tools at your disposal.

It seems like Instagram was almost made to be an extension of a photographer’s portfolio when you consider its photo-sharing friendliness. Of course, it wasn’t, but the fact that more and more photographers are catching on to this way of exploiting Instagram is a testament to its diversity of use. Having an Instagram adds a great extension to your already gorgeous portfolio. Like they always say, the more tools you use to market yourself, the higher the chances are of you getting noticed!

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