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AXS Pocket Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Email Promotion

Agency Access, together with Heather Elder Represents and Brite Productions, has gone behind the curtain to find out what buyers think about email marketing. We invited some of the industry’s top Art Producers to the Community Round Table on the…


A Success Story: Jamie Williams

With the help of consultant Jennifer “JP” Perlmutter editing images with photographer Jamie Williams, she landed a new resort job one week after recently launching her new website. Jamie feels it is also because of consistent marketing that clients think about…

new year new you

New Year, New You: Refresh Your Brand

At Pinkstaff, we rang in the New Year with two new photographers on our roster: Sasha Gulish and Mark Holthusen. Both Sasha and Mark turned to us for ways to grow their businesses. After thorough evaluations of their goals and…


Community is Crucial

Community, aside from being a “canceled too soon” TV show, is a critical part of my photography business. When I have questions about an estimate or how to do a particular shot, it is my community I reach out to….


Looking Back on 2015: DMLA Conference

The 2015 Conference (our 20th Annual) by all accounts was an overwhelming success! We’d like to thank all the participants for their contribution to the event and for helping to make it so relevant. It is the presence and enthusiasm…

Beautiful Savage Magazine from Breed on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes: Melissa Rodwell’s High Fashion Editorial Shoot for Beautiful Savage

This article first appeared on The Breed. Eryka Clayton is a stylist based here in NYC and her and I sent out some emails to magazines back in June to see if anyone would be interested in us shooting a…

How do you best connect article cover

How Do You Best Connect?

Networking and building relationships is not one size fits all. Let’s talk about networking. Some hear this word and immediately break out in hives. Others are jazzed up and ready to shake hands and talk shop. No matter your reaction,…

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.58.20 PM

AXS Hangouts: Giving Back

It’s important to give back to your community, especially around the holidays. For this AXS Hangout, we’ve brought together two exceptional photographers, Michael Weschler and Sioux Nesi, to discuss what they do to give back. From “GLAM4GOOD” to “Through The…


Success Story – Michael Becker

My name is Michael D. Becker and I’m a photographer specializing in lifestyle, portrait, and corporate photography. While my work has appeared in dozens of magazines, such as Elléments Magazine, Fuse Magazine, VOLO Magazine, and Dark Beauty Magazine to name…

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.22.43 PM

What They Didn’t Teach You in Photo School

In 2013, photographer Demetrius Fordham was commissioned to write “What They Didn’t Teach You in Photo School,” a guidebook for emerging photographers on how to survive and succeed in today’s competitive and fast-paced industry. During his research, he interviewed over…