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What I’ve Learned From Working With an Editor

There’s often a very thin grey line these days between the definition of photographer and director. I’ve found that many clients want a one stop shop and after saying, “no, I don’t direct television” for several years I finally started…

Protecting Your Assets: Paying People & Getting Paid

In the fifth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, covers what you need to know when you pay assistants, talent, stylists, DPs, grips, marketing assistants or anyone else you work with, and when you yourself…

SEO Essentials: Useful Tools to Improve Search Engine Ranking

In this video, Blake shares two useful tools for those working to improve their site’s rank in the search engines. One will help you to determine where your site currently ranks on all three search engines for your keyword phrases….


Promo Of The Month – Taylor Allen

Taylor Allen is an international photographer and digital artist with a passion for double-exposure, portrait, and experimental photography. Fascinated by what is hiding within the outline and simplicity of the silhouette, he often composes multiple images into one, each silhouette…

Addicted to the Glide

AXS Member, Ryan Struck, filmed and directed this journey through longboarder, Reilly Stone’s love of the glide. Stone guides us through a tour of Santa Cruz as you’ve never seen it before while Struck captures every beautiful moment. Filmed/directed/colored: Ryan Struck…


A Success Story: Josh Geyer

Photographer Josh Geyer spent two years in Los Angeles perfecting his photographic craft before returning to his home state of Georgia to work in his favorite city in the world, Atlanta. An adventurer with a taste for capturing his Southern…


Providing a Photography Estimate to Growing Businesses

We’ve all been there. Trying to interpret what a client needs from an email that says “Hey we love your work, how much is your day rate?” We all have different types of clients. Editorial, advertising, corporate, and some businesses…

Protecting Your Assets: Sales & Use Tax Demystified

In the fourth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, clarifies the intricate workings of Sales & Use tax for photographers including: How Sales & Use Tax works in different states What to do if you…


Meet Emerging Talent, Ashley Sullivan

Name Ashley Sullivan Photography Style Food, Travel and Environment How did you start shooting? I have always had a creative spirit, and I spent time in the kitchen from a young age. I started a blog after college and gradually began…

SEO Essentials: On-Page Optimization

In the second installment of our search engine optimization, or SEO series, Blake Discher, founder of GO-SEO, shares actionable steps you can take with on-page optimization suggestions. These simple five steps can help your site rise in the search rankings.