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Providing a Photography Estimate to Growing Businesses

We’ve all been there. Trying to interpret what a client needs from an email that says “Hey we love your work, how much is your day rate?” We all have different types of clients. Editorial, advertising, corporate, and some businesses…

Protecting Your Assets: Sales & Use Tax Demystified

In the fourth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, clarifies the intricate workings of Sales & Use tax for photographers including: How Sales & Use Tax works in different states What to do if you…


Meet Emerging Talent, Ashley Sullivan

Name Ashley Sullivan Photography Style Food, Travel and Environment How did you start shooting? I have always had a creative spirit, and I spent time in the kitchen from a young age. I started a blog after college and gradually began…

SEO Essentials: On-Page Optimization

In the second installment of our search engine optimization, or SEO series, Blake Discher, founder of GO-SEO, shares actionable steps you can take with on-page optimization suggestions. These simple five steps can help your site rise in the search rankings.

SmithA_Table Mountain_City view-11

A Success Story: Alyson Smith

My name is Alyson Smith and I am a Cape Town based editorial and travel photographer. I have been freelance since 2013 when I started gaining more commissions and I could start transitioning from my previous occupational psychology profession. My…


What’s Up in L.A.?

Angee Murray sat down with three Art Producers from some of the top agencies in LA and asked them a few questions about how they are hiring photographers to handle the ever growing client demands of multimedia platforms. AXS:  As social media…

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Promo Of The Month – ETC Creative

ETC Creative represents creative visionaries in photography, live action, motion animation and music. With offices in New York & Chicago, their artists collaborate with ad agencies, design firms and corporations to create solid branding for their clients. They commit that…

Protecting Your Assets: Self-Employment Tax Essentials

In the third segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, gives you the ins and outs of how to manage the quarterly estimated tax payments required for all U.S. based business owners including: Budgeting for medicare and…

AXS Hangouts: Finding Your Vision

Developing a vision is an exploration that should be done by all artists – from those just starting out to industry veterans with years of experience under their belts. Our very own AXS Creative Consultants Jennifer Kilberg and Amanda Sosa Stone, Photographer/Director team…


Your Summer Homework Assignment: Get Your Creative On!

Something happens in our twenties. When we don’t really have much to lose, we seem more driven to create. We listen to that voice in our heads, the one that seems haunting at times. When we are young, our minds…