The “How” From The Leader of the Multimedia Industry

MediaStorm launched in 2005 and is now considered the leader of the industry. What do you attribute to MediaStorm’s success? We’ve assembled the right people to go after the opportunities that exist in the digital space for storytellers. We’ve had…


Agency Access Joins The Email Blast Conversation

Agency Access CEO Keith Gentile, Chief Product Officer, Amanda Sosa Stone, and Heather Elder from Heather Elder Represents sat down to talk about the stigma placed on email blasts and the state of the photography industry. Below is an excerpt…


Developing New Marketing Avenues

In my new role, my goal at the company is to find ways to evolve the support to our industry; to keep you abreast of what we are working on and what we have unveiled. We always start with a…

Vector Tablet with Social icon

Simplify Your Social

There is no way around it; social media takes time. Communication skills and the right tools are helpful to grow a vibrant social media community. Communication skills can take an effort to develop. Fortunately, many helpful social media tools are at our fingertips….


The Art of Creating Personal Work

As commercial artists, we often rely on the scope of a specific project to inspire the images we create. Sometimes there’s not a lot of “art” in the art we do. This can get old and, as artists, we have to…


The Structure of the Bid

There is a common perception that a photography bid is merely a set of numbers that are hopefully close to what the client wants to spend on their commission. That’s only a small part of the equation. Bidding is an…


Seeing Success in SEO: Robert Essel’s Road to Success with Blake Discher

Talk about a challenge!  Agency Access client, Robert Essel, approached me about optimizing his site, www.robertessel.com.  We’ve optimized many, many websites, but this task would be a challenge for one reason: Robert is a photographer in what many consider the…


A Success Story: Kris Easler

Our featured success story is from Kris Easler, a Chicago based freelance illustrator. She identifies one of her goals as being able to successfully work as an illustrator in the publishing market, specifically with young adult and children’s books. Given…


A Success Story: Cherry Li

Agency Access’ Campaign Manager Pro member, Cherry Li, food photographer based in Los Angeles and Beijing, won first place in the Professional Commercial category and placed in Professional Destination of the PDN Taste photo contest. We were lucky enough to…


Free Resource: Phone Marketing Guide

This month we were proud to launch a Google Hangout on Phone Marketing 101. Agency Access Consultant Jennifer Perlmutter (JP), Phone Marketing Manager Kristy Hopper and our Marketing Coordinator and Hangout Moderator, Lindsay Partridge teamed together to take our phone…