A Success Story: Landry Major

A firm believer that true heroes exist within all of us, LA based Photographer Landry Major has made it known that even more than the joy she gets from collaborating with other creative minds, she values anything created with love. The self-recognized continuous themes present within…


Agency Access’ First of Many Site Enhancements

Today May 5, 2015 we launched the first piece to many pieces of site enhancements to our database application. This is a huge milestone for Agency Access as we are merging the technology of ADBASE (acquired August of 2011) and Agency…

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PhotoShelter Unveils a New Client Proofing Tool

All month, PhotoShelter has been celebrating ways to #MakeClientsHappy, sharing great tips from photographers on how to build relationships and deliver excellent customer service. After all, we all know it’s not enough just to take a good photo anymore. These…

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What a Rep Wants; What a Photographer Needs

It is the ultimate catch-22 in the photography industry: a photographer wants/needs a rep but does not have the client base to attract one. At the same time, the photographer cannot get said client base without a rep. Why is…

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Creative Process Within the Portfolio Build With Odessa Cozzolino

Case Study: Odessa Cozzolino Odessa came to Agency Access as a consumer photographer wanting to move into the commercial marketplace. She was not ready to market commercially and really did not have her visual voice established. We started the process…


Tips From a Modern Day Art Producer

As an art producer working within the industry for 15 years, I have seen a lot of changes and styles with how photographers are showing their work to agency producers. Back in the day, when the only way to see…


Selling in Today’s Market: An Exploration of the 3 Social Media Platforms We Love Most

I’d like to start by acknowledging an integral fact:  Marsha Pinkstaff—Photographers’ Rep extraordinaire and namesake of our company—is my mom.  As such, my education in this business started over 30 years ago, long before my role as “Marketing Associate” began….


The “How” From The Leader of the Multimedia Industry

MediaStorm launched in 2005 and is now considered the leader of the industry. What do you attribute to MediaStorm’s success? We’ve assembled the right people to go after the opportunities that exist in the digital space for storytellers. We’ve had…


Agency Access Joins The Email Blast Conversation

Agency Access CEO Keith Gentile, Chief Product Officer, Amanda Sosa Stone, and Heather Elder from Heather Elder Represents sat down to talk about the stigma placed on email blasts and the state of the photography industry. Below is an excerpt…


Developing New Marketing Avenues

In my new role, my goal at the company is to find ways to evolve the support to our industry; to keep you abreast of what we are working on and what we have unveiled. We always start with a…