A Success Story: James Kegley

I have been using Agency Access for three or four years running now and am currently using their Campaign Manager Program. I used to just buy the lists and found that I only sporadically marketed. I knew how to do it; I would just get busy with life. 

I have a great working relationship with Jennifer Kilberg as my consultant and Maddy Carey as my Campaign Manager. Jennifer takes great pains to understand where I am going and helps me stay focused. She does a great job of collaborating on all phases of the marketing all the while listening, adjusting and then suggesting a plan. That sort of focus has been invaluable to me. As for Maddy, she appears to be perpetually positive and forward moving. 

I was recently thrilled when I got an email from Pitt magazine asking me to take a portrait for their magazine. Gary Kohr-Cravener, the art director for periodicals for Pitt, said he had been getting my mailers, loved my work and had a shoot for me in the area. 


I was asked to shoot Dr. David de la Cruz, Deputy Director in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration. He had just come back from Africa where he set up a treatment center for health care workers who had travelled there to help with the Ebola crisis as up until then, there had been no organized solution for foreign volunteers if they contracted the virus. 

The shoot went well, I was able to get three or four different “situations” and Dr. de la Cruz was very accommodating. The art director, who was really fabulous to work for, was happy and hopefully I will have a recurring client!


James Kegley

James has been shooting editorial, lifestyle, corporate and educational institution jobs in the Washington DC area and around the world since the mid 90s. His clients have included Forbes, TIME, USA Today, National Geographic Channels and Television, Leo Burnett, The Smithsonian Institution, Smart Money, Barrons, Peace Corps, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Medstar National Rehab Hospital, PreKnow, The Riecken Foundation, The Broad Foundation among others. Whether it's a head and shoulders headshot or a large production shoot, James always enjoy shooting people and the interactions which occur along the way.

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