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A Day in the Life of a Creative Talent Agent

Each day in the life of a creative talent agent differs from the next. I may spend one day traveling through Los Angeles from one meeting to another while the day before was spent glued to my desk at my…

DGReps makeup artist Phoebe Dawson preps a model. From Instagram.

5 Steps To a Successful Production

Producing a photo shoot takes a lot of planning and organization. Photographers often tell me that they don’t know where to begin when it comes to production so I wanted to share some guidelines which in my experience have helped…


It’s All About the Brand

As a creative talent rep who is approached with hundreds of agency submissions per day, one question I am regularly asked by photographers is “how do I make my work stand out from the rest?” Great question! The answer is…

How to get noticed

Getting noticed: how to catch the eye of a rep

Q: What does an artist representative look for when sorting through their daily submissions for new talent? As a photo agent, my email is flooded on a daily basis with submissions from photographers seeking representation. I take the time to…