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Breaking Into New Markets as an Illustrator or Photographer

Question: I want to break into new markets, but I need a plan. What do I need to break into new business – new work, reworked images, etc.? Make a list of all the things you wish to achieve by…


Tell Me A Story

Most photographers understand the need to be able to tell stories through their images. This article is about telling stories with words to make a sales point.

Audio logo

Creating and Implementing An Audio Logo

What is an audio logo? Most major companies spend thousands of dollars to create logos which visually capture the essence of their services, corporate mission, or product offerings. Thousands more are spent applying that logo to every advertisement, promotion, letterhead,…

How to Market Cheaply – Without Looking Cheap

Question: How do you create a direct mail/email campaign with a low budget without coming off looking cheap or like you’re broke? Concept reigns! Creating an email campaign that rocks means creating a campaign that’s connected conceptually and stylistically. Make…

To Personalize Direct Mail Promos, You Have to Bring the Passion

July 2, 2012 @ 10 a.m. in The Creative Lab by Ian Summers | Heartstorming View Comments Question: How can I make my direct mail promotions feel more personal? You can only personalize a direct mail piece when you know…

Trying On a New Market? Passion Comes First

June 13, 2012 @ 11:30 a.m. in The Business Lab by Ian Summers | Heartstorming View Comments Question: How do you stay motivated when you’re just starting out in a new medium? It’s easy to be discouraged by that, both…

Networking (Smartly) Can Be the Key to Success

Question: I always read about networking at industry events and socials. As a creative professional, I want to chat with those who will actually hire me. What are some networking tips for this – both online and in person? Picture…


Does Sharing Personal Work Dilute Your Brand?

Question: How can I share my personal work without diluting my brand or getting off message? In an ideal world, this question is unlikely to come up, because there should be no difference between your personal work and your brand….


3 Exercises to Keep Creative Imagery Flowing

Question: What exercise should I do on a constant basis to keep my work interesting? Interesting? To keep yourself interesting to your clients, you must show them work that is new. I believe that most creators are interested in many…


A Memorable Portfolio Tells a Great Story

Question: What is the optimal number of images and portfolios that should be on an artist’s website? If I was being glib, or perhaps even clever, I would have simply written the numbers 18 to 24 and left it like…