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The Brief: A Twist on the Work Made for Hire Issue

Creative pros often hate the words work made for hire (WMFH). I mean, clients try to sneak that into contracts regularly, and it means you, the creative pro, have to carefully watch out for it, lest you sign that bad-boy and end…


The Brief: Growing Past Sole Proprietor Affects Creatives Differently

Most creative professionals start their businesses without doing anything more than accepting the first freelance project offered. That is, they don’t bother to do anything about forming a legal entity like a corporation or an LLC. That’s fine–if you don’t…


The Brief: Copyright Registration Myth Busting

Sadly, I am often approached by photographers (and others) about infringement matters that look like good cases, until I review the registrations. There, I see legally challengeable issues that make taking the case on contingency impossible and which may even…


The Brief: I Do. Wait, What Did I Do?

Spring and, even with the COVID craziness, thoughts may turn to love and marriage. Many traditional wedding vows note that a marriage shouldn’t be entered into lightly or unadvisedly. That’s great advice, but it’s given too late: that is, while…

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The Brief: How to Handle the Lock-Down, Legally and Otherwise

If your state or city hasn’t issued an official stay-at-home order because of COVID-19, it’s likely only a matter of time before it does. If you don’t have an order to stay in, you really should as much as possible…

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The Brief: An Introduction

I want to introduce myself: my name is Leslie Burns, and I’m a lawyer. I work with artists, usually visual artists, and many of those are photographers. I do copyright, contracts, and general small business law for my clients, but…