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AXS Hangouts: No Fear SEO

Learn about search engine optimization for artists – strategies to break down barriers to reach the top of the search ranks.

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King of the CASL

New legislation enacted by the Canadian government this year has been causing a shakeup in the freelance artist community. The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (dubbed “CASL”) takes effect July 1st of this year. Among other provisions, the new law now…

AXS Hangouts: The New Selling Paradigm

Learn how to build the vision based portfolio that buyers are now looking for from artists.


Own Your Past, Live in the Present, Plan For the Future

Q: As freelancers, the product we pitch doesn’t exist yet, but is based on work that was previously created. How do we sell based on the past?

AXS Hangouts: Branding For Artists

Taking your business to the next level – learn how to develop and implement a memorable brand.

AXS Hangouts: Define Your Market. Build Your List

A fantastic primer on how to begin marketing your work as a freelance artist.

What Buyers Want From Photographers

What Buyers Want From Photographers

For the third year in a row, Agency Access has partnered up with PhotoShelter to produce the annual “What Buyers Want From Photographers” e-book.The guide has been completely updated with new surveys, case studies, interviews and statistics from real life…

Michael Clinard

Being Michael Clinard: On Conceptual Photography

Today’s Lab feature is a look into the mind of the quirky, sometimes offbeat, and always talented conceptual photographer Michael Clinard.

[WEBINAR] Ad Agencies’ Selection and Hiring Process

Q: How can I market myself more efficiently to ad agencies? Last week Agency Access and Photoshelter teamed up to bring you this great webinar. In case you missed it, creative consultant Kristina Hicks lifted the veil on improving your…

The Lab – Short Answer: Business Advice For Students

Question: What’s one piece of advice you would give a photography student to help them understand the business of photography? “The best advice I can give to a photography student is that commercial photography is mostly not photography. You’ll spend…