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Hey, gang. Dom + Jarrod, a.k.a. Little Outdoor Giants, here. AXS came to us and asked us to guest post on the blog here and share some of our absolute favorite photographs we’ve made over the years and why it is we love them. Obviously, we said YES. We love sharing this kind of stuff. So before we even fire things up here, let us say to you – thanks for reading. Here we go!

A Ford Named Clementine, Badlands, South Dakota


We thought we’d start off with this image of Jarrod’s 1971 Ford F-250 that we shot at dawn in the Badlands. Her name’s Clementine. This picture means a lot to us because it’s the essence of our origin story. Little Outdoor Giants started on that trip when Jarrod found the truck he’d been looking for and flew out to pick it up in Bozeman, Montana. Dom flew out and came along for the drive home. We had no itinerary on that trip, just a couple rules – backroads only and no chain restaurants. We had cameras and an eye-catching orange Ford that led the way home along backroads from Bozeman to Boston.  Jarrod came up with the name for the duo we would become on that trip and we’ve been shooting together ever since. Ford later picked up images from that trip, just another marker letting us know we were on the right track.

We slept in a tent with no rain-fly in the badlands that night and woke up early to drive through the park in that beautiful morning light. It was totally worth it. It always is.



Last fall we shot a re-branding campaign with Eureka! while they updated their site and packaging and it was such a dream job for us. We were extremely lucky in that we were able to be very hands-on with the creative direction. We found an epic lake location outside Seattle with gorgeous mountains surrounding it and were able to dress the set pretty much how we would if we were camping there with our friends. We found driftwood logs to string up lights and make benches, we picked a spot out on a little point and could drive the cars right out there – it was really beautiful. That’s always the kind of work that feels the best, when it’s a subject you’re familiar with and something you would shoot on your own that you can bring genuine inspiration and knowledge to.

This photo for us is emblematic of how we like to tell stories. It’s about the lifestyle associated with the product, which we love. The crew on this shoot was amazing, and it also, from a behind the scenes perspective, represents how much farther that can push the photography. A great crew is everything.

High Life Dog


In December 2015 we were up for shooting High Life Social for the following year and had to submit a test shoot to be considered for the job. We spent a few days wrangling friends, buying way too much beer, and coming up with all kinds of shenanigans to shoot. For one of the shoots we had this dog that the talent just brought along. We had a pizza party situation and we were just messing around but this dog was just aching for some pizza.  He was relentless. Naturally we just said “Hey, let’s just let him go for it.” A couple frames later and we were kind of freaking out over this picture. After we finished the whole project, the CD told us it was his favorite and that he’d kept it tacked up on his wall – always great to hear.

Fuck-Off, Brooklyn, NY


We shoot a lot of personal projects. The Brooklyn Invitational, an annual motorcycle show, has become a hotbed of rad bikes and just rad people in general. Our first year down there we came back with a few really great pictures but this one always stood out. It was one of those moments where everything jives. We asked for a picture, he flipped us off, we took one frame. It was perfect. And it’s always felt like a rather iconic, timeless photograph for us.

Erik Weihenmayer – Brewed For The Bold


One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to see places and meet people you’d otherwise have no business talking to. Erik Weihenmayer is completely blind and was the first blind person to summit Mount Everest. He’s done some other wild stuff, too, but that was the clincher for this project. We got to spend a day with Erik at his home taking his portrait for Dunkin’ Donuts and shooting an online video piece. He is just a ridiculously inspiring person that we feel extremely lucky to have met. It was such a great day with him. We’ll remember that day for the rest of our lives, for sure.

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Little Outdoor Giants

Little Outdoor Giants is Dominic Casserly and Jarrod McCabe, a photo/video duo based in New England.  Clients include Miller High Life, Eureka!, Dunkin’ Donuts, Ford, Bank of America, Saucony, & Maine DOT.

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