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Bringing Dad Time to Iceland

Now, as the mom of three boys, I’ve been seeing the world through the eyes of parents, pretty much the only eyes I have these days. Everything we do as a species is for our children so the subject matter is deep; I could shoot on this topic indefinitely. Parenthood is insane! Like some sort of extreme sport.

When I had my second child, I looked forward to my peaceful two-day stay at the hospital. I see myself transforming into my parents, I see my own eyes in my kids looking back at me. It’s the only way for me to make sense of it all. In early August, my team and I took Dad Time over to Iceland where we had the incredible opportunity to photograph five dads and their kids.

This is the second international installment of the project, the first being our journey to Shanghai, China in the fall of 2016. I love seeing the cultural influences apparent in different parenting styles. Planning for the trip took months and we could not have done it without the tremendous support of everyone who connected us with the dads we met and the dads themselves for donating their time to be a part of the project. We are currently combing through video footage and interviews to create a motion component for this project to be completed later this year.

You can follow my Dad Time project on my Instagram.

Dad and baby on rocks

Dad kids on Counter

Anthony Bacigalupo (above) with daughter Mia Isabella and son Úlfur Antonio are pictured at the Blue Lagoon and in their home near Reykjavik.

dad and kids legs

dad girls playing in sand

dad kids girls walking grass

Ragnar Hansson (above) with daughters Ripley and Akira are pictured at Nautholsvik Beach near Reykjavik.

dad with twins

Dad W: Babe Cafe Bistro

dad with baby doll back pocket

 dad laying out blanket

kids rain boots on rock

Valtýr Gunnarsson (above) with daughters Svana and Freyja.

boy on dad ankle

Dad son bike

boy steping on dad back

Sæþór Randalsson and Ágúst Karlsson (above) with son Daníel Valur.

You can follow more of Callie’s work on her site.

Callie Lipkin

Chicago based, award-winning photographer, Callie Lipkin is a storyteller, and a problem solver. A look through her lens reveals simple, organic moments between photographer and subject. Before starting as an undergrad at Northwestern University, Callie’s eyes were opened during a trip she took to China, and she shifted her focus from a career in engineering to one in photography. After graduation Callie started her career in photojournalism, working for several newspapers, including The Beacon-News in Aurora, and the prestigious Boston Globe, where she worked side by side with Picture of the Year and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers. Recently Callie’s work for the 2014 Whirlpool campaign was featured in Lürzer’s Archive; and in 2009 she won first place for her photography series Everyday Burlesque in the 6th Annual Altpick Awards.

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