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ImageRights: Convert Infringements into Profits

Becoming a photographer is not the “easy route” by any means. The photography business is tough. Whether it be the marketplace competition or stock agencies driving down prices, there is always another hurdle to jump over.  However, there is one…


Tips & Tricks to Making Your Best Cold Calls

When it comes to cold calling, picking up the phone can be a daunting task. Let’s all be honest, who really likes doing this? Change your mindset by having a reason or purpose for calling.  More than likely, you want…


Adapting to the Buying Habits of Today’s Consumers

Think about the last time you shopped for a car, a vacuum, or a hotel room. The internet has changed how we decide what to buy. As consumers today, we are educated, technologically advanced, and have a crazy amount of…


ImageRights: Do You Know Where Your Images Are?

Do you know where your images are? You just might be surprised. Most professional photographers know copyright infringement is rampant and is a major drag on the industry. But do you really know how bad it is? At ImageRights, we’ve…

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Defining Your Target Market and List Building Effectively

As a serious player in the game for over a decade, we have come to realize how important it is for photographers to have a clear understanding of their market, what their needs are and how to get in front…


ImageRights: Every Photographer Needs to Start Doing This Now

An insect photographer has taken in nearly $250,000 cash, in his pocket, from pursuing copyright infringement claims. An architectural photographer has made an extra $150,000 on the side. How is this possible? They religiously register their photos with the US…

Protecting Your Assets: Insurance Fundamentals, Part 2

In the tenth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of covers the ins and outs of all the different types of insurance that still and motion photographers are most likely to need, including: Business Liability Insurance…


ImageRights: Combatting Copyright Theft

What if millions of pieces of artwork were stolen and the robbery went unnoticed? One may say that is impossible; but in today’s world of technology and access, the inconceivable is in fact our harsh reality. Thousands of images are…

Protecting Your Assets: Insurance Fundamentals, Part One

In the ninth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann, covers what photographers need to know about finding and working with a reputable insurance agent and company. Topics include: The different insurance agents you might need What to…

Protecting Your Assets: Making Better Financial Decisions

In the eighth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, shows you how to take your CODB Analysis to a whole new level by using a simple spreadsheet she developed to explore how different projects at…