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A Photographer’s Insight: How to Shoot Food

I’ve been asked to share some tips with shooters who are thinking about doing food photography. The first place to start is to ask why. Why food photography? What about it gets you excited. My answer is part of a…


The Elephant’s Eye

I sell telescopes, or a certain telescope at least. Yes, I’m a professional photographer, but a small family enterprise, the resurrection of a gem from the Smithsonian, has me traveling the country and meeting with a high demographic clientele. Last…


What It Takes To Be An Editorial Illustrator

We sat down with Editorial Illustrator, Rocco Baviera to learn what it takes to make it in this industry. Rocco Baviera’s digital, earth-friendly illustrations combine a stylish, retro aesthetic with a modern, sophisticated color palette, bold shapes, pattern and texture. Rocco’s work…


Promo of the Month – Ty Mecham

Ty Mecham is a New York City based commercial photographer specializing in still life, interiors, food, fashion and portrait photography. He is known for his strong use of color, textures and stylized lighting. Ty enjoys the creative process and collaborating with…


Promo Of The Month – Taylor Allen

Taylor Allen is an international photographer and digital artist with a passion for double-exposure, portrait, and experimental photography. Fascinated by what is hiding within the outline and simplicity of the silhouette, he often composes multiple images into one, each silhouette…

Addicted to the Glide

AXS Member, Ryan Struck, filmed and directed this journey through longboarder, Reilly Stone’s love of the glide. Stone guides us through a tour of Santa Cruz as you’ve never seen it before while Struck captures every beautiful moment. Filmed/directed/colored: Ryan Struck…


A Success Story: Josh Geyer

Photographer Josh Geyer spent two years in Los Angeles perfecting his photographic craft before returning to his home state of Georgia to work in his favorite city in the world, Atlanta. An adventurer with a taste for capturing his Southern…

SmithA_Table Mountain_City view-11

A Success Story: Alyson Smith

My name is Alyson Smith and I am a Cape Town based editorial and travel photographer. I have been freelance since 2013 when I started gaining more commissions and I could start transitioning from my previous occupational psychology profession. My…

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Promo Of The Month – ETC Creative

ETC Creative represents creative visionaries in photography, live action, motion animation and music. With offices in New York & Chicago, their artists collaborate with ad agencies, design firms and corporations to create solid branding for their clients. They commit that…

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The Leap of Faith

There comes a time in every artist’s life, when you realize that you have to step it up, take the plunge and put yourself – your true self – into your work; when you realize that the only way you…