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AXS Pocket Guide: All About Instagram

Grab our latest pocket guide, produced by our very own Consultant and Instagram guru, Karen D’Silva. Full of tips and tricks to help you navigate the sometimes, choppy waters of Instagram for business. We cover everything from what to post…

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Discovering Your Vision

With the New Year comes feelings of starting fresh, working hard and setting new goals! These feelings can be a bit daunting, so we’re stepping in to help make 2019 your best year yet. We’re bringing our well-received Vision seminar…

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The Photographer’s Survival Guide to Marketing

We’re sharing everything we’ve learned from decades of experience helping our clients build their business with you. The result is five-bite sized mini guides that every photographer should have in their marketing arsenal. Chock-full of tips and tricks, we cover everything from our most frequently…


AXS Pocket Guide: Finding Your Vision

Through research with creatives, trend reports and industry content, we know that today’s buyers are looking for artists with a clearly defined visual approach. We also know by working with artists every day, that it’s hard to define their visual…


AXS Pocket Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Email Promotion

Agency Access, together with Heather Elder Represents and Brite Productions, has gone behind the curtain to find out what buyers think about email marketing. We invited some of the industry’s top Art Producers to the Community Round Table on the…

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AXS Pocket Guide: Estimating with Confidence

You created a killer body of work and have been consistently marketing it, when finally… the phone rings! Your efforts have paid off and you are asked to submit an estimate on a dream project. That phone call can be…

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Military Style

Throughout your career you’re going to have to make tough decisions. Not all of those decisions are going to make everyone happy. Get used to the idea that you’re not in this business to be everyone’s friend. The most successful…


The Structure of the Bid

There is a common perception that a photography bid is merely a set of numbers that are hopefully close to what the client wants to spend on their commission. That’s only a small part of the equation. Bidding is an…


Free Resource: Phone Marketing Guide

This month we were proud to launch a Google Hangout on Phone Marketing 101. Agency Access Consultant Jennifer Perlmutter (JP), Phone Marketing Manager Kristy Hopper and our Marketing Coordinator and Hangout Moderator, Lindsay Partridge teamed together to take our phone…

What Buyers Want From Photographers

What Buyers Want From Photographers

For the third year in a row, Agency Access has partnered up with PhotoShelter to produce the annual “What Buyers Want From Photographers” e-book.The guide has been completely updated with new surveys, case studies, interviews and statistics from real life…