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Trends of 2019

In today’s market place we see trends in all areas and specialties. Now, I’m not saying to be a trendy photographer, but having the awareness as to what is selling in the marketplace as well as appealing to brands and…


What It Takes To Be An Editorial Illustrator

We sat down with Editorial Illustrator, Rocco Baviera to learn what it takes to make it in this industry. Rocco Baviera’s digital, earth-friendly illustrations combine a stylish, retro aesthetic with a modern, sophisticated color palette, bold shapes, pattern and texture. Rocco’s work…

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A Success Story: Darren McKee

Children’s book illustrator Darren McKee boasts over twenty years of experience in the field. His blissful, whimsical and playful illustrations cover subjects and specialties ranging from Animals, Education and Greeting Cards to Americana, Food & Beverage and Environmental. Darren brings…


How Art Directors Stay Inspired

Art Directors Vince Murray, Carmelo Rodriguez, Rob DeLuke and Kathryn McFarlane have all teamed up with FoundFolios to share with us their daily inspiration, their recent work and the aspects of daily life that fuel their daily motivation. Coming from all…


Developing New Marketing Avenues

In my new role, my goal at the company is to find ways to evolve the support to our industry; to keep you abreast of what we are working on and what we have unveiled. We always start with a…


A Success Story: Kris Easler

Our featured success story is from Kris Easler, a Chicago based freelance illustrator. She identifies one of her goals as being able to successfully work as an illustrator in the publishing market, specifically with young adult and children’s books. Given…


A Success Story: Hudson Christie

Success is really what it’s all about; success is what makes it all worth it. Featured today is Hudson Christie, a recent graduate of OCADU, who describes himself as part sculptor, part photographer, and part painter. He has received accolades such as…


Ride A Wave of Positivity

It seems like everyone is in different steps in their creative practice. Some people are taking a victory lap sharing their new series of images that just published. Some people are passive aggressively mumbling that the sky is falling and…


Promoting North of the Border Post CASL

On Canada Day, July 1st, a new law went into effect that is making it more difficult for freelancers to promote to potential Canadian clients. The new law is called Canadian Anti Spam Legislation or CASL for short. The intent…


The Wonderful World of Zines

For the last couples of years, using zines as alternative forms of promotion has been a hot topic of discussion by professionals and professors in art schools.. Should artists commit a certain number of hours outside of paid work to…