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All posts in Inspiration

AXS Hangouts: New Year, New Goals

On January 11th, AXS Photo Director, Amanda Sosa Stone and photography team Ben Lowy & Marvi Lacar connected and had an eye opening conversation. Listen along as they dive into the nitty gritty of what it really means to make…


The Elephant’s Eye

I sell telescopes, or a certain telescope at least. Yes, I’m a professional photographer, but a small family enterprise, the resurrection of a gem from the Smithsonian, has me traveling the country and meeting with a high demographic clientele. Last…


Holiday Gift Guide For Creatives

The holiday season is officially upon us. Do you have a certain creative in mind for secret santa but you’re not sure what to send? Indulge in our list of 10 unique gift ideas and allow the consultants at AXS to…


An Interview With The Creative Minds of Alter

Alter is the premier studio repped by Janice Moses Represents, that does not limit themselves to just CGI alone, but dives headfirst into everything from photography to retouching, VFX to VR. From conception to post-production, Alter partners with creative minds to…

AXS Hangouts: Finding Your Vision, Part Two

Finding Your Vision, Part One was so well received that we had to come back for a second segment. We feel so strongly that developing a vision is an exploration that should be done by all artists – that we wanted…


AXS Pocket Guide: Finding Your Vision

Through research with creatives, trend reports and industry content, we know that today’s buyers are looking for artists with a clearly defined visual approach. We also know by working with artists every day, that it’s hard to define their visual…

Kelly Osbourne

A Success Story: Brian Ach

“Is there anybody… out there?” The marketing process, for me, often resembled this Pink Floyd song. I had done my own email campaign, followed by a postcard mailing…once…but found it basically impossible to track any sort of qualitative result, and…


The New “American Dream”: A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work–life balance is defined as “a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).” A few months back, we sat down with award-winning husband and wife photography team Ben Lowy…


Creating A Deeper Brand Involvement

Over the years, I’ve worked on a wide variety of still life projects. Some clients come with a pre-determined look and tight layouts. For these clients, my job becomes the realization of the client’s vision and my influence will be…


What It Takes To Be An Editorial Illustrator

We sat down with Editorial Illustrator, Rocco Baviera to learn what it takes to make it in this industry. Rocco Baviera’s digital, earth-friendly illustrations combine a stylish, retro aesthetic with a modern, sophisticated color palette, bold shapes, pattern and texture. Rocco’s work…