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All posts in Photo Projects

Magazine Promo. Imagery by Callie Lipkin

The Importance of Branding and “Wow” Piece Marketing

Simply stated, branding is the quickest way for you to express what you do and what you can offer. Think of it as your face in the marketplace. It shows others that you have taken the time to seriously consider…


The Elephant’s Eye

I sell telescopes, or a certain telescope at least. Yes, I’m a professional photographer, but a small family enterprise, the resurrection of a gem from the Smithsonian, has me traveling the country and meeting with a high demographic clientele. Last…


An Interview With The Creative Minds of Alter

Alter is the premier studio repped by Janice Moses Represents, that does not limit themselves to just CGI alone, but dives headfirst into everything from photography to retouching, VFX to VR. From conception to post-production, Alter partners with creative minds to…

Addicted to the Glide

AXS Member, Ryan Struck, filmed and directed this journey through longboarder, Reilly Stone’s love of the glide. Stone guides us through a tour of Santa Cruz as you’ve never seen it before while Struck captures every beautiful moment. Filmed/directed/colored: Ryan Struck…

AXS Hangouts: Finding Your Vision

Developing a vision is an exploration that should be done by all artists – from those just starting out to industry veterans with years of experience under their belts. Our very own AXS Creative Consultants Jennifer Kilberg and Amanda Sosa Stone, Photographer/Director team…


Your Summer Homework Assignment: Get Your Creative On!

Something happens in our twenties. When we don’t really have much to lose, we seem more driven to create. We listen to that voice in our heads, the one that seems haunting at times. When we are young, our minds…

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.15.18 AM

The Leap of Faith

There comes a time in every artist’s life, when you realize that you have to step it up, take the plunge and put yourself – your true self – into your work; when you realize that the only way you…

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.47.48 AM

The Art of the Edit

The last few years have been a turbulent time for the industry and for Marvi and I personally. Basically, editorial photojournalism is not what it once was, and my kids have a serious lego and eating habit. As our careers…


Let Your Freak Flag Fly

It’s often the case that finding yourself as an artist is difficult with all the noise out there and, of course, the obligation of needing to make a living with the work you’re creating. It is a difficult thing to…


Dad Time – A Photography Project

My exploration of fatherhood through portrait, reportage and conceptual imagery – is something I have been building upon for the past couple of years. The project is both a personal journey and a professional test kitchen. The problem solving skills…