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Conquering Your Creative Block

Creative block is the greatest enemy of an artist. It can sneak up anytime, take over and fill your brain with anxiety.

It is okay to experience this feeling; you’re not alone in this. Even though it is said that practice makes perfect, there are times when we experience serious fallbacks, have trouble discovering new ideas or our minds go completely blank. Although every artist encounters creative block sometime in their life, you should not let it stop you from taking on a new project or finishing off a piece you have been working on.

Here are a few ideas that will refuel your creativity and rejuvenate the photographer in you!

1. Let go of restrictions

Often time, your biggest hurdle is your own tendency to follow habits. The best way to find your way over this hurdle is to work under unusual rules and break free from restrictions.

Pick something different from what you normally do and really start working on it. When you force yourself to work under new rules, you might be able to illuminate certain ideas that were once hidden.

2. Take inspiration from the work of other artists

Different artists think and work differently. Take inspiration from the work of others to refine your own perspective and ideas. You might be able to think of something new and get your creative juices flowing by seeing the different approaches and styles other photographers have adopted.

3. Never stop searching for creativity

If you have tried again and again, but nothing is coming up on a particular project, step away for some time. Don’t let frustration take over and lead you to discouragement. However, this doesn’t mean that you sit idle and wait for creativity to just appear. Creativity is the product of our inspirations and experiences so if we just sit idle and don’t explore new avenues, it will never evolve. Work on different projects and seek inspiration from somewhere else, but don’t step so far back that you lose sight of creativity.

4. Shoot things out of your comfort zone

If you have been capturing landscape photographs throughout your life, try capturing photographs of animals. Although it may seem intimidating or maybe you don’t like animals, the goal here is to experiment with something different and think about photography in a way you’ve never thought about it before. This way, you’ll inspire yourself to think differently which, in turn, will help you break free from your creative block.

5. Seek Inspiration from little things

Many people fail to realize that there are gems all around us that hold glimmers of inspiration. Places like museums and art galleries are wonderful sources but pay attention to the little things as well. The landscaping of your neighbor’s house, the flowers, the birds, the shape of a road sign: all the things that you see in your life can inspire you. Nothing should be taken for granted!

Think of being stuck in a creative block as an opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with having a little block because it can inspire you to try something different and break free from your mainstream ideas.

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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