Continuing to Sell Yourself Once Your Marketing Campaign Begins

Recently we were asked the question, “After email marketing and traditional promotions, how do I grow my business?” To many artists, this may seem like a tough question. In my experience, it truly is not.

Go Beyond Email

Email and direct mail alone are simply not enough. Moving past this, follow up phone calls should be one of the first things to consider. Ironically, this is where a lot of artists seem to fall short. I know at times it isn’t easy to find the time or to push forward. What it comes down to is that follow-up phone calls will need to be made. Whatever the reason may be, I find a lot of people are fearful of picking up the phone and following up with creatives who show interest in their work. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, that’s fine, simply find someone who is and get them to do it for you.

The Marketing Lab Promotional Campaign

Another concept I am a big fan of is specialty pieces. Although some may consider this traditional promotion, I don’t see nearly enough of these targeted mailers to consider them traditional. With this type of promotion, you get to think outside the box. Make yourself stand out. You would be surprised how far a calendar, a box of apples, a lunch box, etc., will get you. Read more about Tony Gale’s lunchbox promotion here.

Building Relationships Builds Business

It all comes down to building relationships. Understand that sending an email and maybe a direct mail card is not going to build a relationship. Sending out email and direct mail, making phone calls, sending specialty pieces, holiday cards, etc., are methods that will help you build relationships. In return, when executed correctly, this will all help your company grow.

Dan Caruso

Dan Caruso has been heavily involved in the photographic industry for a number of years. As one of the longest serving employees at Agency Access, Dan has been immersed in every aspect of both the company and the creative industry. As the current Director of Operations (formerly Sales Director), Dan has and continues to be instrumental in developing services that provide quantifiable results and the high levels success that his clients enjoy.

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