Covering All of Your Print Marketing Bases

Marketing is always a combination of multiple platforms.

Successful marketing campaigns should – and generally do always combine several different platforms, even though you’re not necessarily always going to know which ones are being responded to exactly, or working the best for you. To help you with your tracking, whenever you receive a new inquiry about your services, you should always ask where they found you.

Using multiple channels allows you to cover as many “bases” as you can so that by the law of averages, something has to hit at some point. When it comes to using print as a follow-up to email, what this does essentially is send a visual and tactile reminder. Maybe they didn’t see your email or recollect it, but when they receive the postcard, it prods their memory.

Create smaller, targeted lists for your print promotions.

As a rule, we suggest that you create a sub-list by using the people who opened your email and also clicked through to your website. You can check your “opens” and “click-throughs” each time you send out an email promotion, to get an idea of who is looking. First, these people looked at the image in your email, and if they clicked through to your website, then hopefully they should have seen that image a second time; and when you send the visual reminder as a print promotion, it will be the third time they’ve seen it. Generally, it is better that the printed piece showcases the same image/s as the email – repeat and reinforce the visual message – don’t confuse people by sending something completely different.

Just because you haven’t heard from them doesn’t mean they don’t love your work!

In addition to the people who opened your email and clicked through to your website, your sub-list should also contain anyone that you really want to work with, whether they clicked through or not – this is what I call your “A” list. You never know, they may have been busy or out of town when you sent the email. Never “assume” they don’t want to work with you because they didn’t open or click. They may love your work; they just haven’t had the right project they can use you for – yet! Your “A” list is your wish list; those are the people who should definitely receive your print promotions so that you remain on their radar, because the minute you stop sending to them, someone else will!

To illustrate the importance of consistency and using the same imagery throughout your campaign, here is a promotion from photographer Stephen Flint, showing some of his newer personal work. The first example is the email promotion he sent out, then the follow-up postcard sent to a smaller list, and then the actual images in his portrait portfolio on the website.

The Marketing Lab Photographer Stephen Flint Smokey e promo 02 resized 600

Email subject line: Smokey says – It’s a great day to be above ground

The Marketing Lab Photographer Stephen Flint Smokey on front of direct mail 03 resized 600

Front of postcard

The Marketing Lab Photographer Stephen Flint Smokey on back of direct mail 04 resized 600

Back of the postcard, featuring the tagline: Smokey says: “It’s always a good day to be above ground!”

The Marketing Lab Photographer Stephen Flint Smokey on website 01 resized 600

“Smokey” on Stephen’s website

Louisa Curtis

After spending a number of years in the commercial photography industry, Louisa Curtis now works to help photographers refine their vision, target the appropriate audience, and create and implement internet-driven business plans.

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