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Creative Collision: Creatives’ Messages to the Artist

Question: What’s one piece of advice you have for artists in today’s industry?

This is a competitive business, and as technological leaps allow more people to become “artists,” it’s only growing more crowded. For most photographers and illustrators, the temptation to try and market to broader and more varied audiences – in the hopes of opening more professional doors – is often strong.

But the risks are high. “Staying current” through constant reinvention can backfire, as can trying to prove your versatility to too many different audiences. In the engaging Creative Collision video “A Message to the Artist,” reps and other industry experts champion a more simplistic approach: figuring out who you are and determining how that very-best-you will succeed. Watch now and learn:

  • Why creatives prefer artists with clear focus and identity.
  • How to stop worrying about getting everyone to like your work, and focus on getting fewer people to love it.
  • The art of accepting – and channeling – constructive criticism.

Watch Creative Collision on Vimeo: Creatives’ Messages to the Artist

Participants include Saatchi & Saatchi’s Former Creative Director Amie Valentine, Clare Agency LLC & C20 Agency’s Owner Clare O’Dea, The Martin Agency’s Senior Art Producer Cindy Hicks and WORK Labs’ Owner Cabell Harris.

About Creative Collision

Creative Collision is an Agency Access produced video series that exposes artists to top industry experts, first-hand. This series answers artist questions sent to us by photographers and illustrators like you. The Creative Collision team of leading industry consultants, Jennifer Kilberg, Suzanne Sease, and Amanda Sosa Stone, interviewed top reps, art producers, art directors, creative directors and artists to get the answers to your burning questions.

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