Creative Collision: Is Social Media Crucial – or Trivial?

Question: How Important is Social Media?

To tweet, or not to tweet? Should you show the artist behind the curtain, or gloss over the wrinkles? And what’s that guy’s secret to holding down three social media channels while still having a life? In this Creative Collision video, industry experts sound off on these questions and more, including:

  • How creatives feel about doing business on Facebook
  • How “sucking in your gut” on your blog may sabotage your popularity
  • How potential clients are finding – and judging – you

Creative Collision on Vimeo: Is Social Media Crucial – or Trivial?

Participants include Cindy Hicks of The Martin Agency, Kat Dalager of Campbell Mithun, photographer Chris Buck, photographer Nick Onken, Rob Haggart of A Photo Folio and A Photo Editor, Cynthia Held of Held & Associates,Jed Root of Jed Root, Inc.,Allen Murabayashi of PhotoShelter and photographer Michael Grecco.

About Creative Collision

Creative Collision is an Agency Access produced video series that exposes artists to top industry experts, first-hand. This series answers artist questions sent to us by photographers and illustrators like you. The Creative Collision team of leading industry consultants, Jennifer Kilberg, Suzanne Sease, and Amanda Sosa Stone, interviewed top reps, art producers, art directors, creative directors and artists to get the answers to your burning questions.

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