Developing New Marketing Avenues

In my new role, my goal at the company is to find ways to evolve the support to our industry; to keep you abreast of what we are working on and what we have unveiled.

We always start with a challenge we can identify and then work towards a solution to solve that challenge. For example: Take an artist who wants to get started marketing, but isn’t visually ready or is not visually communicating the type of work they truly want. This is something we face everyday at Agency Access. It’s been our standard to evaluate our members and assess if they are ready to market or not. It’s not fair to promote an artist when they are not ready nor is it fair for the creative receiving the promotions of an artist who is not put together. Creatives speak visually and if they can’t understand or translate your work, your opportunity it lost.

Our Challenges:

  1. Artists who are not ready for marketing but eager to get out there
  2. Artists that are successful, but not getting hired for the work they want to shoot

Two different problems, but we found one solution. We call it the Portfolio Build. We worked tediously both with our in-house consultants and Selina Maitreya to make this happen. With all of our experience pooled together, we created something magical. When I first went into Beta testing on this I wasn’t sure what to expect…but here is what I found…

Artist A: Harry Pocius

Harry was showing portrait work for his main portfolio. When I sat down and did the exercises with him, he had that “ah-ha!” moment that he wanted to shoot product photography. After years of knowing Harry and us trying to make the portraits work, we had to shift gears. Immediately the work changed, he saw his brand in a new light, and he is getting work that he always wanted. His vision was clear.







Artist B: Finn Richards

Finn was very successful. He had a great reputation and delivered strong, produced work. Our challenge was he was not shooting advertising work that fed his soul. When I sat down and did the exercises with him, we had a very big “ah-ha” moment as well. Through the exercise he revealed imagery like the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. More emotion, dramatic lighting, and a feeling of something familiar. Finn’s personal work was truly his vision. He could not imagine that his personal work would ever translate into his commercial work.



before-3 before-3b


after-3 after-3b

This one exercise changed many things for Finn. From his mouth:

“I doubled my income from the previous year, more commercial work has ended up in my portfolio this year than anytime before, which looks more like my personal work, shot more personal work in the last 12 months than ever before, got rid of my studio and work from home as virtually all of my work is on location now. The work we have done has really changed the way I think about my work, and has helped me to find a direction that I love. “

 I have now seen this technique help established artists revive their careers, along with emerging talent get a head start fresh out of the gate.

I am very proud of the Portfolio Build technique and happy to share it with our industry. Above was just a sneak peak from my own personal experience. Keep a close eye on the work from our amazing team of consultants that I am so privileged to work with and watch evolve artists daily!

Everyone benefits from a Portfolio Build

“I think a lot of photographers believe, with good reason, that their portfolios should demonstrate their versatility in terms of lighting, technique, and subject matter.  Putting your book together with this goal in mind can be a big mistake, however.  Photographers should keep in mind that creatives are looking for photographers who have a clear idea of who they are as an artist, and that should be reflected in their portfolios.”

-Mark Haddad | Photo Editor | Men’s Health


Amanda Sosa Stone

Former creative consultant, Amanda Sosa Stone now serves as Chief Product Officer at Agency Access and Found, ensuring marketing channels are strong, deliver results and help artists get seen. Photo Credit: Diana Zalucky

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