Dialogues Podcast: Attention Grabbing Emails

Question: How do I get the attention of creatives with an email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential buyers – cost-effective, green and a useful measure of how your work’s being received. Emails make great introductions, instantaneously deliver sharp images and are vital component of a well-rounded marketing campaign.

But today’s creatives are bombarded with marketing emails. The trick is setting yours apart, getting the creatives’ attention and attracting them to your website. In this essential Dialogues Podcast, expert consultants and reps reveal what buyers prefer and respond to best when it comes to email marketing. From the number and size of images to keeping your branding message clear, no photographer or illustrator should hit “send” without listening and learning:

  • How to balance useful information and clever humor in subject lines
  • How to personalize emails without sacrificing branding messages
  • The art of the quick download, multimedia marketing and more

Dialogues Podcast: Episode 028

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Participants include professional consultants Jasmine DeFoore, Jennifer Kilberg, Louisa Curtis and Suzanne Sease.

About the Dialogues Podcast series

Dialogues Podcast series is presented by a panel of experts, addressing questions asked by photographers, illustrators and artists in the industry. Dialogues Podcast

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