Dialogues Podcast: Creativity Pushes the Envelope

Question: How does an artist evolve their vision while staying marketable?

How can you stay true to your vision while executing someone else’s? You’re routinely told to be fresh and cutting-edge, but you worry that too much creativity could be your downfall. Learning how to nurture and wrangle your creativity is key to making a splash instead of a mess.

In this Dialogues Podcast, photographers and illustrators will learn about how to:

  • Innovate on the job without scaring off the client
  • Find a market that shares your vision
  • Avoid or escape a creative slump

Dialogues Podcast: Episode 009

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Participants include consultants Ian Summers of Heartstorming, Jennifer Kilberg of FluidVision, Katherine Hennessy of kate & company, Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox Enterprises and Suzanne Sease of Suzanne Sease Productions.

About the Dialogues Podcast series

Dialogues Podcast series is presented by a panel of experts, addressing questions asked by photographers, illustrators and artists in the industry. Dialogues Podcast

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