Dialogues Podcast: Do Direct Mail – Without Draining Your Budget

Question: How should artists determine their budget for a direct mail campaign?

Many creatives love getting their hands on your work – literally. But serving up that tactile experience comes at a cost, and some artists are nervous about fitting direct mail into their ever-tightening budgets. In this podcast, learn from industry experts:

  • Quality or quantity: is it okay to let one drop?
  • How to give a fancy, higher-end promotion life beyond the mailbox
  • How to scale your campaign for any budget (or cut back on dining out!)

Dialogues Podcast: Episode 012

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Participants include consultants Amanda Sosa Stone of Sosa Stone, Jennifer Kilberg of FluidVision, Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox Enterprises, Suzanne Sease of Suzanne Sease Productions, as well as Agency Access’ Heather Lefort.

About the Dialogues Podcast series

Dialogues Podcast series is presented by a panel of experts, addressing questions asked by photographers, illustrators and artists in the industry. Dialogues Podcast

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