Dialogues Podcast: Optimizing the Engines of Success

What are the best practices of search engine optimization … and why do I care?

This special podcast features an informative one-on-one with Detroit-based commercial photographer and SEO expert Blake Discher, who answers artists’ essential questions about search engine optimization. Research shows most online searchers don’t go past a page or two of search-engine results, so how do you make sure your business stays at the top – and how important is that to your commercial success? From on-page adjustments to off-site activities, Blake shares his best advice on:

  • Incorporating the keywords and search phrases your potential clients are using.
  • Synchronizing SEO with your e-blasts, cold calls and other marketing methods.
  • Blogging and other off-site techniques for optimizing your search-engine results.

Dialogues Podcast: Episode 016

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About the Dialogues Podcast series

Dialogues Podcast series is presented by a panel of experts, addressing questions asked by photographers, illustrators and artists in the industry. Dialogues Podcast

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