Dialogues Podcast: Personal Work, Professional Results

Question: What do clients look for in personal work?

It’s easy for the professional to forget, but personal work is why most artists become artists. Throughout a professional’s career, personal work remains the fuel for creativity – and, if shared with potential clients in the right forms and proportions, can be an excellent showcase of creative skills.

But how much personal work should your blog or website show? And which experimental techniques and concepts should you highlight? There’s a fine line between inspiring potential clients to appreciate your vision and presenting a vision that matches their styles and needs – and walking it can make or break your business.

In this enlightening Dialogues podcast, top artists share their views on how sharing personal work can drive both personal creativity and business success. Listen and learn:

  • What most clients look for in personal work.
  • How the evolution of “iPhoneography” has altered the artistic landscape.
  • How to ensure your personalized portfolio showcases exactly what you want clients to see.

Dialogues Podcast: Episode 029

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Participants include illustrator Brian Taylor and photographers Lee Love and Ken Kaminesky.

About the Dialogues Podcast series

Dialogues Podcast series is presented by a panel of experts, addressing questions asked by photographers, illustrators and artists in the industry. Dialogues Podcast

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