Does Social Media Really Work for Photographers?

Question: Is social media marketing appropriate for every type of business?

I can’t speak for all businesses in general, but I can speak specifically for the photography business.

Yes, affirmative. Roger that. Absolutely, 100 percent. By all means. Of course. Certainly. Yep. You get my point!

I can’t think of a single photography business that wouldn’t benefit immensely from social media marketing. After all, marketing over social media sites, in its simplest form, is using social media tools, techniques and technologies to build your photography business and brand.

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It’s All About Making Connections

Social media platforms and their processes allow individual photographers to authentically and emotionally connect to a worldwide audience in ways that just a few years ago were both unimaginable and impossible. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, blogs and cell phones all regularly and repeatedly connect photographers with their targeted audiences.

Want to find new customers? Connect with the customers you already have? Give the best customer service you can give? Tell your story? Showcase your work? Empower others to evangelize your products and services? Promote your brand to a hungry tribe of fans, followers and friends? Then social media marketing is for you!!!

It’s not too late to take out your own personal page in Internet history. Join the conversation today. Get involved. Social media marketing, for photographers, at all stages, levels and experiences is an absolute MUST!! Connect with me on Twitter @photojack.

Read Wikipedia’s definition of social media marketing.

And here are a few resources to kickstart your Social Media Marketing strategy:

Photographers Lindsay Adler and Rosh Sillars’ Book

The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media

Reports from PhotoShelter (free)

2010 Social Media for Photographers

2010 Photography Blog Handbook

2010 SEO Cookbook for Photography Websites

FaceBook Fan Pages for Photographers


Design Aglow’s The Photographer’s Guide to a Killer Web Presence

Photographer Jim M. Goldstein’s Social Media Photography Survey Results 2009

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