Elements of a Successful Email Campaign (Part 2)

Question: What are the essential elements of a successful, compliant email campaign?

Before answering this question, let’s consider the meaning of the words “essential,” “successful,” and “compliant.” Starting with “compliant,” compliant means “conforming, made or done to requirements or instructions.” It’s not just about coming up with a clever creative concept or great images.

There are certain “rules” to follow to increase the chances your campaign is looked at, let alone be “successful.”

Some of These Rules for an Email Campaign Are:

  1. Making sure that you are emailing the appropriate people who should be seeing your work regularly – do your research! Buyers appreciate it when you have done your homework instead of blindly sending it to anyone and everyone.
  2. Avoiding attachments or large-image files.
  3. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, you must include a physical mailing address as well as an opt-out link.

Now that you have “complied,” let’s think about the “essential” elements:

Essential Elements for Your Email Campaign

  • Having a clear, simple message of who you are and what you do.
  • Making sure that the branding on your emails reflects the branding of your website; it’s probably best not to use a whole new color palette or type font. In other words, it should look like it all came from the same photographer!

Lastly, what is a “successful” email campaign? How do we measure success – by the number of opens or click-throughs? It’s not always possible for an artist to track exactly how successful one component of their overall marketing plan might be. Occasionally, an art buyer or a photo editor might receive an email and contact the artist right away; more often than not, buyers and editors make contact because they have been receiving regular promotions from the artist over a period of time and they finally have a project that the artist is suitable for.

Louisa Curtis

After spending a number of years in the commercial photography industry, Louisa Curtis now works to help photographers refine their vision, target the appropriate audience, and create and implement internet-driven business plans.

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