Email Deliverability: Why your emails may be hitting the SPAM folder

Deliverability is such a tricky subject as there are so many factors that come into play — things like the way an email is coded, the frequency emails are sent to the same recipients, corporate junk filters, rapidly changing rules and so on. All that means is that there is no one specific thing that can be done to improve things overnight.

One of the things that are easiest to do right now is to ensure the code for your email is not negatively affecting things. Often times, things, like an email having very little text and simply using images for everything, can cause it to land in the junk folder as it makes it obvious that it is some type of advertisement to Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

When it comes to sending frequency, some folks think sending to massive lists will mean they have a better chance at being seen, but the exact opposite happens. If a promo email gets sent to someone who has zero interest in it, it’s easy for them to mark as junk. If enough of that happens at the same company, for instance, it means your emails could start going into junk for everyone — even the people who might love to get your mailers.

And lastly, we have the ongoing battles with ISPs and email providers. It’s something we’ve had to deal with for years obviously but as rules and laws get more and more strict it’s clear that more has to be done. After discussions with some of the big ISPs and some of our friends at other companies in the email industry struggling with the same issues, we determined that our best shot at improving deliverability was to build a completely new email framework and so that’s what we’ve been working on.

2019 is a big year for Emailer and by the end of the second quarter, we plan to have several major development releases that incrementally will improve things.

Firstly, better user experience and new email templates. Our email builder will get a complete makeover, making it incredibly easy for members to set up and broadcast emails themselves. Our templates will get a complete transformation as well! We will launch a newly designed responsive promo and newsletter templates to react to the high percentage of creatives looking on mobile and tablet devices. There will be free standard templates and even paid premium templates for members that want to take their emails further. All of these templates will be coded to not only look amazing but to follow industry best practices in terms of deliverability.

Secondly, we have started a series of releases which we’ve taken everything we’ve learned and have come up with a system that we anticipate will help our members’ emails avoid the junk folders as much as possible from a technical perspective. These releases come last, not because we think it’s less important than the templates, but because there is a ton of stuff that happens under the hood and so development and testing simply take time; we’ve been working on this for months!

We hope this adds some clarity on our plans and how we plan to improve the overall Emailer experience for our members.

Keith Gentile

A native of Long Island NY, Keith discovered his natural talent for business and his intuitive sales and marketing abilities at an early age. Keith started his career with Agency Access as a researcher. In 2000, Keith decided to “put his money where his mouth was” and bought the company. A pragmatic leader who is well respected by his peers and employees, Keith thinks strategically and understands that leading people is the key to success. With an eye to the finer details required for building a successful business, Keith has become an innovative leader. Known for changing how the industry uses self-promotion, he is constantly looking for better ways to help drive his customer’s success. Fixated on creating a positive customer experience, Agency Access has achieved greater levels of subscriber loyalty, growth and productivity than is the industry norm. Under Keith’s strong leadership, Agency Access has become an industry must.

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