Fitting the “You” in Your Work

Stop. First things first. What or who inspires you?

Nature, movies, surfing the web, exercise, multimedia, galleries, famous people, history, family, museums, reading a descriptive novel, children, talking to a friend, spirituality …

The second thing to consider is your schedule – you need to manage your time and establish your priorities.

How to Add “You” Back In

Let’s say you’re big on:

Health and wellness. Do you like to take a bike ride daily, go to the gym, take a yoga class, meditate? If so, what time of day works best for you?

Family. Is it your goal to not work on the weekends, or to take a half-day on Fridays? Maybe it’s not to work past 6 p.m.

Social and entertainment events. Do you use social events to gain inspiration? Of course, there are networking benefits, but does going to see a movie, a new exposition, or a gallery opening help fill your creative tank? If so, think about what social activities are happening that week and plan accordingly!

Work. Set daily goals. I find that working in 3-hour blocks of time helps me to stay focused

Whatever it is that inspires you, make a note of it. Figure out what your priorities are so you can actually fit it into your hectic schedule. As I said, it’s all about time management. You can accomplish nearly all of your tasks if you set time aside and stick to your schedule.

The Importance of “Me” Time

Suza Scalora, a commercial beauty photographer and author, stays inspired and excited by spending time on personal photography projects. That’s right, take note of that, “personal” projects.

“I make the time for meditation and exercise in my daily routine,” says Scalora. “Music is so inspiring to me, so I make music playlists for when I’m shooting or working in my office. I always have a book I’m reading, too. I love fantasy, fiction, and spiritual books, such as: SEAT OF THE SOUL and A NEW EARTH.”

The Creative Lab Suza Scalora Evidence Of Angels resized 600

For example, she has written and photographed three books published by HarperCollins: THE FAIRIES, THE WITCHES AND WIZARDS OF OBERIN, and EVIDENCE OF ANGELS. “I think it’s vital to pursue your dreams and do what is most important to you,” says Scalora. “I love beauty photography, and I love telling stories utilizing magical imagery I create. My focus is to follow my heart.”

Furthermore, Scalora has utilized social media to reach out to clients and fans of her books. With an audience on Facebook and Twitter exceeding 20,000 followers, she’s created a place to share what inspires her with the hopes of inspiring others. Scalora shares her photography, favorite songs, books, websites, and inspirational quotes from herself and others.

So, what inspires you? Share with us!

Jennifer Kilberg

Jennifer Kilberg’s unique insight into the photo industry is a result of her extensive experience and understanding of all aspects of photography since joining the industry in 1996. In 2004, Jennifer started FluidVision Inc. and has worked with a diverse international client base of photographers and illustrators of all styles and specialties. As a strong communicator, Jennifer enjoys working with all types of personalities, and her loyal client base is a testament to her ability to build long-term relationships. Jennifer has worked with Agency Access clients since 2009 in both Campaign Manager programs and other types of consultations.

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