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From the Archives: Detox Your Career

Top industry consultant Amanda Sosa Stone offers tips on how to clear your head and renew your creative energy as we enter 2014:

You can drink wheat grass shots, eat kale salads all day, or bubble wrap yourself – but that won’t detox your career. Here are 6 easy steps I would advise commercial artists take to get healthy professionally in the New Year. Remember, the goal with any detox (body, mind, spirit, or even work) is to clear out the junk and let the good stuff in.

This will only take 5 minutes! Take out a pen and five sheets of paper.

1. Set a Goal

  • Set one goal for 2014. This can be anything: find more clients, build better relationships with my existing clients, make more money…
  • Stick your goal up on the wall.

2. Mental Purge

  • Make a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to do with your marketing but have not yet gotten to do over the course of your career.
  • Now crumple that up and throw it away!
  • Rewrite that list with the three items that feel exciting to you: you now have a clear set of defined action items on which to focus.
  • Pin that on your wall, too!

3. Energy Purge:

  • Make a list of every negative thought you have about your career, colleagues, clients, crew, etc. No one will see this, so be honest!
  • Now crumple it up and throw it away!
  • Rewrite a new list of the three most powerful and positive forces in your career.
  • You guessed it—pin that up on your wall!

4. Physical Purge

  • Take two minutes to straighten up your desk—it’s a proven fact that a clear desk or workspace aids in clearer thinking.
  • Time yourself. (It’s amazing what you can do in two minutes!)

5. Breathe In

  • It’s time to take control of your career and stop letting it be the unknown beast.
  • You have talent: use it.
  • There are potential clients who need your work: let them know you’re out there.

6. Practice

  • Close your eyes and visualize one of those three marketing action items you wrote down.
  • Produce the end result in your head (be limitless – daydreaming is free).
  • When you open your eyes, take one step towards making it happen—try emailing your designer to say you have an idea, going online and looking for printing options, setting a date to shoot something special, etc.
Amanda Sosa Stone

Former creative consultant, Amanda Sosa Stone now serves as Chief Product Officer at Agency Access and Found, ensuring marketing channels are strong, deliver results and help artists get seen. Photo Credit: Diana Zalucky

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