Fueling Your Creativity Grows Your Business

Question: What advice do you have for someone with a lot of time on their hands but not a lot of capital, to stay motivated and cultivate a vision?

Having a lot of time on your hands is only a good thing when you know what to do with it. If your passion is to prepare your business for success then you should have some type of plan. With decent capital, you can actually have fun with the preparations if you’re into that kind of thing. Working with little capital, however, should feed your creative side, as it takes imagination to come up with a successful plan within a limited budget!

Excess Time is a Gift

More time on your hands allows you to be in the driving seat of the public vision of your business. Questions like “who are you?” and “what do you want to portray to creatives?” can be easily managed through social media. A timely schedule of targeted, pre-fabricated posts is a great way to manage your gift of excess time!

Managing your time and setting a strict direction for your business is key. Once you have your PR and social media set up you can move on to other projects. Take for instance a special promotion – everyone talks about doing them but few people succeed with implementation. It takes great focus to stay motivated and in line with your creative vision.

Specialty Promos are Built on Creativity

If you are a food and product photographer like Kurt Wilson, a unique promotion to a select set of dream clients can be fun to plan! A special gift associated with your brand would be perfect. Kurt shoots Coach, and was inspired to pick up a few wristlets at his local Coach Outlet, which proved to be a very cost effective and impactful custom promotion piece! For instance, on a tight budget this project would cost:

Agency Access The Lab blog photographer Kurt Wilson resized 600

© Kurt Wilson

Total price: around $ 663.74

Total impact: Priceless!

If the cost of this promotion is outside of your budget, here is where you can truly show how creative you are on a shoestring budget. And as for the “priceless” factor, potential clients will definitely remember a highly targeted and imaginative promo. Don’t forget it’s great to get you name out there and build a relationship with those you want to work with!

Former wildland firefighter Pete Springer set his firefighting gear aside to follow his passion for photography. His passion, plus a dose of creativity, has guided him to have a successful career as a photographer. These days you can find him shooting provocative fashion and swimwear photos. Pete is a member of the Agency Access Campaign Manager program, and we are excited to see his latest creative promotion:

Agency Access The Lab blog Photographer Pete Spring Swimwear Marketing Kit resized 600

© Pete Springer’s Emergency Beach Kit

Sparked by his passion for swimwear photography, Pete conceived the idea of an emergency beach kit and he will be targeting twenty of his dream clients. Watch Pete unveil his Emergency Beach Kit here on vimeo.

Pete’s cost was as follows:

  • 20 men’s swimwear thongs: $200
  • Logo printing on thongs: $85
  • Sun lotion: $20
  • Vodka: $36.75
  • Advil: $15
  • Clear plastic toiletry kits: $200
  • Postcard & design: Approximately $300)
  • Packaging & design: Anticipating $100 to $200
  • Shipping: Anywhere between $5 and $10 each

Total price: around $1200

Total impact: Pete’s results coming soon!!

Pete is inspired to stand out from the competition by incorporating his passion, specialties and creativity into his marketing! Stay tuned for his results here at The Lab.

Now get out there and get creative with your passion!

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