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How To Land a Travel Photography Job: Can Social Media Help?

Question: We are newly inspired by the idea of travel photography. Love to travel, love the way the details unfold on those shoots…how do we land a travel magazine or tourism board? One great project could shift the whole portfolio and bring a new set of clients. Any thoughts?

When people think of dream jobs in photography, they think of exotic photo shoots for dream clients like fashion, lifestyle, and travel magazines or government tourism boards. These are coveted gigs that will allow you to fly off to new and exciting places, and not only photograph some amazing locations, but to also have some rather wonderful life experiences.

Shooting these jobs is the easy part, getting them… Well, not so easy.

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So How Does One Go About Finding These Clients, or Better Yet,
Having Them Find You?

In my opinion, you have to try many ways of getting your work seen by as many people as possible. Yes, I’ve gotten work from email blasts and mailed promo cards, but it’s not enough to stop there. In today’s reality of marketing, we have many more tools at our disposal and I’m trying to use social media and my blog to reach a new audience. I have gotten work by leading people to my blog and portfolio site, my Facebook, LinkedIn, and especially Twitter.

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It was a conscious effort for me to get involved in social media as a form of marketing. While it is time consuming, it is inexpensive, and most photographers that I know are like me and have more time than money.

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I Scoured the Web for Articles on How to Use Social Media Properly

  • I read blogs and reports
  • Watched videos
  • Listened to podcasts
  • Talked to other users of social media who I respect

When I felt I was ready, I launched my blog, started a Facebook fan page, and signed up for a Twitter account. In just over a year I have a rather large audience of followers that include people in publishing, advertising, tourism, travel, design and photography.

The Marketing Lab Travel Photography 04 Kaminesky resized 600

Social media is the new “word of mouth” marketing. There is no better way to get your work in front of the right people than by having other people show it around for you. You never know who will end up seeing your photography when you post a story on Facebook or send out a tweet. I’ve literally had thousands of visitors come to my blog from a single retweet by a company with a half million followers.

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In conclusion, I’d suggest a mixed bag of marketing that includes traditional mailers, email blasts, follow up calls, and emails. Mix this in with new social media ways of being found, including writing a blog that reflects who you are and what you do. Be persistent, believe in your photography, and work hard at marketing what you do.

About Ken

Ken Kaminesky is a Montreal based lifestyle and travel photographer. He shares his latest photos and writes about his travel adventures on his popular blog. His photography has been featured in prestigious newspapers and magazines such as the Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Scientific American, and recently a cover of National Geographic Magazine. With upcoming trips to Jordan, Mexico and Austria, Ken’s plan to take over the world is all coming together. Ken Kaminesky Photography

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