How to Make Money as a Photographer

In today’s world, it can be quite challenging for photographers to turn their passion into a lucrative profession. Everyone these days is becoming photographer thanks to smartphones, and numerous photos posted online have diluted the value of true photographic talent.

So, what should we do? Continue photography as a hobby and forget the thought of making money from it? Absolutely not! All those bleak prophecies about smartphones soon killing the photography business are mere exaggerations and skilled photographers can still make significant money, provided they know the right way to do it.

We’re going to reveal some ways to help you monetize your photography skills so that your passion becomes a lucrative career.

1. Selling and Distribution

You can make significant money from your photographic content by selling it. There are several microstock sites like Shutterstock where you can earn some good money from uploading your captured images. Try to upload images on subjects that are less popular to gain some serious ground.

Another great way to earn money with your photography knowledge is by writing and selling an e-Book. Make sure your subject is different from what’s already been published. How-to-guides are often a good option, but don’t limit your imagination and think about other subjects that’ll capture the interest of the audience.

If you really think that your photography stands out, consider having an exhibition to display all your brilliant images and sell them at a good price to art enthusiasts.

2. Education

Many people are more interested in learning photography and if you are a professional photographer (which we’re sure you are) you can earn a lot of money from teaching others. Lots of photographer host workshops and sell video tutorials to generate income. Start by teaching one person and then eventually grow your audience and create video tutorials. You’ll see how your photography knowledge plays the role of a money tree in your garden.

3. Renting to Others

Photography equipment is expensive and not everyone interested in photography can afford the high-tech gear. Since you have the camera, you can make money by renting it to those who wish to learn photography. You can charge a few dollars for a day and those who really love capturing images will willingly give you the amount you desire.

If you have a photo studio, it can earn you a lot of money. Rent it to other photographers who possess the gear, but don’t have a studio to take photographs of their clients.

4. Advertising

It can be hard to make people aware of your content if you don’t leverage the power of social media and blogs. Advertise your photographic images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to make more and more people familiar with your work. The more people who see your photographic images the more they’ll be interested in buying them.

Another great way to make money is by starting your own photography blog. You can share tricks and tips and write reviews about different photography software and gear. Similarly, you can also use Youtube and start your own photography channel for more money. On Youtube, you can essentially share the same blog content in video form.

It’s time to get to work, so roll up your sleeves and start making some money as a photographer. At first, you’ll face some obstacles, but once you’re in the game, the money will start to roll in!

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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