Keep Calm and Comply with GDPR

We have always respected the privacy and data security of our members and the contacts in our creative database and encouraged our members to do so the same. As you probably have heard, new rules, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact data processing and privacy practices concerning individuals who are European Union residents. In keeping with the upcoming changes, we are in the process of enhancing some areas to help us all comply with this new regulation:

  • Our current Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices. We will be providing an update in the near future to add clearer and more transparent language and give individuals more control over their personal data. We will send you a notice when the new Privacy Statement is available for your review and ask that you read it carefully. You will have an opportunity to read it and indicate your agreement to its terms by either clicking on the button provided or by your continued use of our website and services after receipt of the Privacy Statement.
  • The GDPR imposes certain obligations on companies that process the “personal information” of individuals who are EU residents. In regard to those obligations:
    • We mostly have corporate data, which we anticipate will be interpreted to be outside the scope of GDPR.
    • We recently removed all freelance contacts (individuals) from the creative database and will continually do so as needed.
    • Our Research Department implemented consent verification of EU database contacts that are sole proprietors or freelancers.
  • As you know, when uploading your personal list, you are in the best position and are responsible for identifying and complying with the applicable law (such as CASL in the case of Canadian contacts). We will update our policy to include your compliance with the GDPR when adding European Union contacts to your personal list.
    • You should use caution to market only to those contacts who have consented to receive your communications.
  • We currently have active links to opt-out of receiving email communications and members using our email system will have those requests suppressed from their lists. Members who use outside email service providers have similar active unsubscribe links but again should use caution when uploading a personal contact list.
    • You should take special caution to comply with any “unsubscribe” request that you receive directly.
  • In order to benefit from our efforts under GDPR, it is essential that members stay up to date on contact lists and not use outdated lists which may contain links to individuals who have opted out or unsubscribed from receiving materials.

We will continue to analyze and update our practices as the interpretation of the GDPR continues to evolve. Please make sure to check back with us regularly as we grow through this period of change together.

Keith Gentile

A native of Long Island NY, Keith discovered his natural talent for business and his intuitive sales and marketing abilities at an early age. Keith started his career with Agency Access as a researcher. In 2000, Keith decided to “put his money where his mouth was” and bought the company. A pragmatic leader who is well respected by his peers and employees, Keith thinks strategically and understands that leading people is the key to success. With an eye to the finer details required for building a successful business, Keith has become an innovative leader. Known for changing how the industry uses self-promotion, he is constantly looking for better ways to help drive his customer’s success. Fixated on creating a positive customer experience, Agency Access has achieved greater levels of subscriber loyalty, growth and productivity than is the industry norm. Under Keith’s strong leadership, Agency Access has become an industry must.

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