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Last Photographer Standing: Staying Motivated

Question: How do you keep yourself from throwing in the towel when you think you are just about there and then you have a quarter with no work?

I was recently inspired by a blog posting by Luke Copping; Copping discussed finding inspiration with contributions provided by 18 creatives from our industry, myself included. Luke Copping’s “18 Imaginative Thinkers Break Your Creative Block”

The responses were not all the same, which was refreshing…we all had our own styles. Here is my recommendation to getting what you need. Ask yourself these 3 basic questions to get back to your creative roots of shooting:

  1. Of all the images you ever created, what is your favorite? Why did you create it?
  2. What is the one image everyone comments on? What did you do that was special to create it?
  3. What is the one image that inspired you to become an artist? Go back to that feeling.

The Creative Lab Inspiration Don't Quit resized 600

Use your answers to guide you to move away from your computer and shoot something NEW. Many people say “let artwork inspire you.” What if we reposition that idea – to be clear, you can and should feel free to use your OWN artwork to reignite the flame that’s already in you. We are all artists at heart. The one thing stopping us is ourselves, our ego and the fear of failing. With technology we can shoot something every second of the day if we wanted to and delete it with one click.

People who continue to push the envelope for inspiration, which in turn does inspire me:

Nick Onken experiments with film:

Mark Mann uses a Graflex to push himself:

John Keatley goes outside his norm:

Tell me who inspires you in our comments section below!

About Amanda

Amanda Sosa Stone is sought after from clients all around the world: Germany, Moscow, England, Mexico, Spain and her homeland, the United States. She has been praised for working on talents like Jim Krantz, the 2010 International Photographer of Year, Nick Onken and National Geographic Assignment Division (with co- consultant Suzanne Sease). She works with clients from all genres, Commercial to Consumer. With her editing being her true passion and love, she has also worked hard to develop many marketing approaches that are proven effective. Nothing feeds Amanda’s creative soul more seeing results and seeing her clients reach their goals. Joining forces with Agency Access in May of 2010, Amanda is their in-house marketing and industry consultant as well as continuing to work with her own clients. Amanda Sosa Stone

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