Locating Innovative Inspiration as An Artist

Question: What are some recommendations for sources of inspiration?

When motivation is eroding under pressure, go back to something you’ve always loved, Revitalize your vision and expand on your creative experience in new ways. Give yourself permission to connect with your inner artist.

Create a New Frame of Mind

How about dance, theatre, or writing workshops? Ever try a drumming circle? Take a painting class? Are you going to galleries on a regular basis? Perhaps doing something with a buddy could be that much more motivating.

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Seeing a great film can be another source of inspiration. Or when did you last attend a workshop with a photographer whose work you’ve admired for years?

Go to your favorite museum and look at the lighting and composition of the great masters in painting. Perhaps you will come across a universal theme that interests you enough to interpret it in a new way for a personal body of work.

Connect With Your Passion

Be sure to stay connected to what you love; it will generate a positive energy that will feed your personal creativity and provide fresh motivation. Many people get new ideas while walking, hiking, swimming, or doing other types of physical exercise they enjoy.

The bottom line: Stay curious, open, and take a keen interest in life!

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Monica Suder works with the international photography community as a creative and career coach, consultant, lecturer, panelist and educator. She brings over 30 years of professional experience as an award-winning photo editor and director of photography. As an editor, she worked at Magnum Photos, Time-Life, Rolling Stone and Outside Magazine. Monica assists photographers in carving out a strong creative identity and in developing one-of-a-kind portfolios. Monica Suder

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