Luminance 2012: Hipstamatic’s Lucas Allen Buick

Recap from PhotoShelter’s Luminance 2-Day Conference

Back in September, the PhotoShelter team and I ran our first PhotoShelter-produced event called Luminance. While most photo conferences focus on gear and technique, we decided to change things up. Today, digital cameras have become ubiquitous, camera phones capture more photos than stand-alone cameras, and social networks have become the largest and fastest growing repositories of photos on the Internet. The impact of photography has become more significant than ever before. Photos are social currency. They provide a way to remember, relive, and communicate.

This year, Luminance hosted 25+ speakers who gave TED-style talks over the course of two days in New York City. The first video I thought I’d share with readers of Agency Access’ The Lab features Hipstamatic’s Co-Founder and CEO Lucas Allen Buick.

The Creative Lab PhotoShelter Luminance Lucas Allen Buick Photographer Michael J Treola

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In “Capturing Moments: How Filters Are Adding Emotion to Photography,” Lucas speaks about the growth of social photography and the need for editing when socially sharing photos, and how all of this helped lead to the creation of Hipstamatic.

“Every two minutes we snap as many photos
as humanity as a whole took in the 1800′s.” – Lucas Allen Buick

About Lucas

Lucas Allen Buick, 29, is a graphic designer turned entrepreneur. In 2006, he founded Synthetic Corp. with his best friend, Ryan Dorshorst, which focused mostly on design, brand and web consulting. In 2009, Synthetic Corp.’s focus shifted to mobile software. That pivot, coupled with Lucas’ passion for shooting on his Polaroid SX-70, resulted in the birth of Hipstamatic. Today, Lucas remains dedicated to helping people beautifully capture their lives. He is also committed to making Synthetic a driving force for creativity, based on his belief that art and visual storytelling can change the world. Hipstamatic

About Luminance

Luminance 2012 was a 2-day conference held this past fall in New York City featuring two dozen top speakers from a variety of organizations that help to create, consume, and define photography in a myriad number of ways. Each speaker presented in a 20-minute TED-style talk – their videos are being released now through the end of the year. Check them out at: Luminance

About Andrew

Andrew Fingerman is the CEO of PhotoShelter, the leader in websites and business tools for pro photographers. Andrew is a lifelong marketer – he’s responsible for growing the PhotoShelter user base, ensuring members are getting the most from the service, and hosting the annual company BBQ. PhotoShelter

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