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Marketing Automation: Is it bad for your business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get help with segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, cross-selling, ROI measurement AND customer retention? Marketing automation can assist you in all of these tasks, but before you begin, you must know how to use it properly. Otherwise, you will just end up losing your hard-earned dollars with no return.

Marketing automation is hot right now and many businesses have begun to adapt it to attract more customers. But the truth is, marketing automation is not simple and just because a majority of businesses are adopting it doesn’t mean that it is sure to give profitable results.

Understanding Marketing Automation

What exactly does marketing automation allow companies to achieve? In an ideal scenario, marketing automation gives businesses the chance to nurture prospects with highly useful and personalized content that helps convert them into clients/customers.

Every business desires more clients/customers, right? With marketing automation, companies can increase their sales and generate significant revenue.

It’s not easy to initiate marketing automation, but it isn’t impossible either. Growing marketing automation works similar to growing a plant from a seed. Your marketing automation seed requires fertile soil, water, and sunlight to mature into a plant. If you fail to do these things, you will never succeed.

When Does Marketing Automation Fail?

Keeping marketing automation limited to just one channel like email and saying that it doesn’t work is the wrong approach. In reality, by treating email as your only source of communication with customers, you are doing a disservice to your contacts and marketing automation is NOT to blame.

However, there are times when marketing automation is the reason businesses fail to attract new clients. These instances happen when marketing automation is treated like a salesperson who reads directly from a script, who does not answer the questions of clients and who tries selling services of your business without taking specific needs of customers into account. Would anyone buy from such a salesperson? Obviously not! Yet, we see businesses sending standard emails to all their contacts. Standard emails don’t work with customers anymore and people now prefer content that is specific and addresses their individual needs.

Ideal Marketing Automation

You can only be successful with marketing automation when you center it on the prospect. For this kind of strategy, you must use information about your prospects to understand their needs and only provide them the information that is helpful for them. You must take into consideration the growing needs of your clients and keep track of their interactions and behaviors across different marketing channels.

When you have a complete picture of the challenges your prospects are facing, you can provide them with a solution. This means that for marketing automation to work, you not only have to collect data of prospects from various channels but also use those channels to deliver your message to the audience.

So, the answer to the question “is marketing automation bad for your business?” really depends on how you use it. If you keep marketing automation limited to just one channel and send standard content to all your clients, it will never work for you. However, if you focus on your prospect and tailor your marketing automation around them, then you’ll surely get the results you seek.

Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for seven years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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