Marketing: Making an Impression

When I was a Campaign Manager here at Agency Access, I was often asked by our members “how does marketing actually work?” To begin talking about how marketing works, I think it is important to go over exactly what marketing is.

Marketing is everywhere, it’s the brand stamping on the back of the latest iPhone to those pants that have PINK written across the backside; the jacket that says Abercrombie up the sleeve and the bright red colored can of soda you’re enjoying walking down the street. Tweets from the brands you follow, Facebook page updates and event invites from that local bar you friended. Let’s not forget the commercials that interrupt your favorite show, the pop-ups and screen filler on websites you visit, the cards you get in the mail about car insurance quotes and credit card offers, and circulars in Sunday’s paper. The list goes on and on, but this is all marketing.  I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I think you get the idea.

A term used often in marketing is “impressions” and if you haven’t heard it, you’ll begin to. When companies talk about their success, it usually incorporates the number of people their marketing campaign was expected to reach.  For example, if a local bar sends out a Facebook invitation to its 500 followers, they just made 500 impressions. Same goes for your local car insurance office sending out 2,000 letters to all the local home addresses. If the average home in that area has 1.5 drivers, they have made 3,000 impressions. Every impression is more exposure for their business and another flag in your subconscious for the next time you are in the market for that certain product or service.

Now, let’s take a look at the question I began this conversation with, “how does marketing actually work?” Let’s look at the car insurance letter example I talked about, and I’ll apply it to myself.

A few months ago I had just renewed my auto policy, and I got a letter from a local insurance agent.  That letter went straight into the recycling bin. Yup, didn’t even open it. However, about a week ago I got another letter from the same agent. My policy is due to expire in about a month and this time I opened up the letter, read it over, and I’m going to be giving them a call for a quote. If they will get my business or not will depend on the quote. The point is now they have a chance at my business, one they wouldn’t have had if they didn’t continue to send those letters. Their persistence came at a good time and could lead to them gaining a new client.

The same is true for your marketing campaign. In order to have a successful shot at marketing, you want to reach out consistently to people who will find your products or services useful and establish some sort of connection. As your number of impressions increases, it becomes more likely that they will remember you and your brand. Sometimes you get a stroke of good luck but let’s be honest, consistency and networking are the real “luck” in this industry.

At the end of the day your work, personality, and professionalism will be the deciding factor between you and another artist. However, having a great marketing strategy and building relationships with possible clients is the foundation of it all. So, I leave you with this: every email you send or postcard you mail; every upload to Instagram or Facebook or personal email saying hello is another impression and another step closer to turning that relationship into something profitable.

Jason Storer

Jason has spent the last 10 years of his career in the marketing industry. After 5 years managing small businesses he joined Agency Access and never looked back! Jason enjoys networking, creating lasting professional relationships, and long walks on the beach.

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