Marketing to the right people

Marketing to your existing clients

My first question in response would be “who is your target market?” The second question would be “is the target market for new clients looking for a different type of photography than what you’re currently shooting?” These are important questions, because the images – and marketing plan – must be relevant to the work you’re trying to promote.

Marketing to Specific Markets

If you’re a still life photographer who specializes in a few specific areas of still life – food and product, for example – and your new marketing plan is to get more product gigs, then the plan would need to be different. In this case, the marketing plan is not a one-size-fits-all idea; clients in one market will likely appreciate a totally different approach than clients in another will.

Philip Shippert

Images would need to be selected that focus on the specific target audience: you would market your food shots to potential food customers, whether new or old, and your product shots to your product customers. However, you shouldn’t market your food shots to your product clients. For example, the mouth-watering photo of the pizza on the right was taken by photographer Philip Shippert. The lipstick shot below was ALSO taken by Philip Shippert. Clearly Shippert’s photo talents are varied, but he needs to be careful when choosing the shots he is marketing to potential clients.


Keep it Personal

If you’re seeking out new clients in a market where you already have some clients – food photography, for instance – then it’s fine to mix the new crowd in with your existing clients where your marketing is concerned. With existing clients, though, whether you’re talking about direct mail or e-promos you should always consider a more personal note. Take the time to connect and write something personal on the direct mail or in the e-promo to show that you know the client, understand his or her needs and appreciate the work you’ve already done together. That sort of intimate connection is priceless!

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