photojack’s Marketing Makeover: Let the Journey Begin

How I’m Going to Get Over my Procrastination

Photography is competitive. Highly competitive. As a matter of fact, it’s more competitive than it has ever been. Long gone are the days when the merit of a stellar portfolio would bring a long line of customers to your doorstep.

It’s Marketing…And Then Some

Today, for all photographers whether established or emerging, it’s about marketing, branding, selling and promoting. If you’re not doing it with some frequency, you’re at a grave disadvantage

Obviously, you’re going to need to back up your marketing promises with killer work and a service mindset to die for. But that doesn’t change the reality that marketing is everything.

We live in a unique time in photographic history. Never has the demand for our images been greater, yet never has the supply been greater, either.

It’s no longer just about portfolios, but about personality and process. Not just about content, but context. Buyers today want to look under the hood. They want to pull back the curtain. They don’t just want to see what you shoot, but who you are. Inside and out. Product and process. Head and heart.

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It’s About the Campaign

In our hyper-connected culture, getting this sort of attention from buyers who really matter to you takes an orchestrated marketing effort. A campaign, if you will. Not a haphazard, periodic, every-now-and-then effort – this won’t work. Today’s successful photographers implement marketing campaigns to make absolutely sure that their vision, mission and passion is clearly and cleverly communicated over time, via different mediums to as many targeted prospects as affordably possible.

The reality is that most photographers hate marketing and selling. Most are weighed down by the unbalanced impression that marketing is more of a burden than an opportunity.

Agency Access to the Rescue

Here’s the great news – Agency Access has created a brilliant program called “Campaign Manager Pro”. This innovative program handles all the marketing for you. So you can focus on what you do best – photography. Campaign Manager Pro is a 15-month long program where you get your very own custom marketing team to help you land the jobs you want. And gently support you through all that laborious, but necessary, marketing tasks like: creating a targeting mailing list, designing your email, showing the right pictures on your website, creating a digital portfolio, developing and executing direct mail, and telemarketing.

Now, why is a 57 yr. old, 3-decade career veteran like myself using a service like Campaign Manager Pro (which I’m calling CMP, for brevity’s sake)? 2 words: marketing makeover. Unlike many photographers, I love the marketing and selling process (my wife refers to me as a ‘marketing guy that takes pictures’). But, like everyone else, I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to initiating, executing and monitoring my campaign efforts. I talked about my predicament with my friends here at Agency Access, and within an hour, I quickly realized that Campaign Manager Pro was designed exactly for someone like me, and, most likely, someone like you.

Follow My Journey

I’m going to approach this program like I’m just starting out. A full marketing makeover – head to toe, top to bottom. And I’ll be sharing everything that happens along the way of my 15 month journey. And have I want to have you be part of that conversation.

I’m going into this program with my eyes wide open. Because I know there is no silver bullet, no magic wand, no rabbit in a hat. Marketing success, in photography, whether here or anywhere else, takes focus, concentration, discipline and commitment.

I can’t wait to report what I’m learning with CMP. More importantly, how these simple lessons can help you grow your own photography business and brand.

About Jack

Jack Hollingsworth is easily one of photography’s most well known names in the world of Lifestyle, Travel, Portraiture and Stock. His three-decade commercial career boasts numerous awards, publication credits and satisfied customers. Jack Hollingsworth

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