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Taking it personally: The right online image requires the proper persona

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It’s not at all uncommon for commercial photographers to have multiple Internet personae – not personalities. In my world, I have two very distinct online identities: one for my commercial work and one for my newfound iPhone photography work.

These public personae, or web “imprints,” are as different as night and day. They speak to different audiences, in different languages and tones. And of course, each persona has divergent marketing, branding and promotional goals.

It’s been widely chronicled through social media channels that I’ve been infatuated, even obsessed, with iPhone photography, more popularly called “iPhoneography.” Amidst this compulsion, I sort of lost sight of my commercial focus, which is why I turned to my good and trusted friends at Agency Access to get me commercially refocused.

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I gave the keys-to-the-kingdom to image consultant Amanda Sosa Stone and asked her to make me proud. She did indeed! She and Campaign Manager Pro designer Jaime Hernandez decided that my commercial hub,, should live on Rob Haggart’s “A Photo Folio.” Amanda and Jaime, my designer at Agency Access, chose a template that improved the user experience from my old site by cleaning up the navigation, selecting a typeface that complements my brand and carefully selecting images that reinforce my strengths and styles.

I live to create art and I want to continue to be hired to do so. But I want to be an artist, not a marketer. I know what I want but keep too busy to play in both arenas. I want to make art and continue my commercial travel work, so to accomplish both I finally asked for help – and got the swift kick in the butt I needed.

Caution: Professionals Working

With just a cursory glance at my new site, you quickly notice professionals at work. Amanda Sosa Stone is an image genius. Not only can she edit, she has strong client and design sensibilities. She knows how to tell stories, which is very important; the new commercial-picture economy is driven by stories, not images – stories fueled by authentic, compelling personalities and processes.

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(I digress, but speaking of commercial work and understanding client desires, check out the Agency Access/PhotoShelter report, “What Buyers Want from Photographers.” It’s a must-read for commercial photographers promoting to professional buyers that will save you hours of wandering in search of your brand, and get you focused in a hurry.)

When you’re a one-man shop like me, it’s painfully difficult to stay focused, especially on marketing efforts. I feel strongly that I am viable to the commercial markets again. My work has always been strong, but my marketing was left to be desired. Now I have a platform to show off my work. This is solely due to the support and TOUGH love I got from the diligent and disciplined support of my Campaign Manager Pro team. They give average photographers above-average personae and push shooters from good to great. They challenge image-makers to dream, and dream big! This humble photographer is in the debt of his Campaign Manager Pro team for work that’s gone above and beyond.

This isn’t the end – but just the beginning of what is to come from me…marketing wise.

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About Jack

Jack Hollingsworth is easily one of photography’s most well known names in the world of Lifestyle, Travel, Portraiture and Stock. His three-decade commercial career boasts numerous awards, publication credits and satisfied customers. Jack Hollingsworth

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