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Promo Of The Month – ETC Creative

ETC Creative represents creative visionaries in photography, live action, motion animation and music. With offices in New York & Chicago, their artists collaborate with ad agencies, design firms and corporations to create solid branding for their clients. They commit that their resources are unparalleled, that their projects are accomplished on target, within budget and that their success is measured on creativity, high-level performance and trust. ETC Creative is thankful to be among the best in their industry, representing award winning talent and having some fun along the way.

Joe Lombardo, Artist Rep at ETC Creative: “As artist representatives, our role in the careers of our photographers and live-action shooters has become so varied that sometimes our days can get away from us. The goal, of course, is always to be speaking to our clients and managing the workflow from inbound and outbound marketing efforts. It’s a cycle and, barring any interruptions, we can tend to do everything on a schedule and meet all advertising and promotion deadlines – on time and with great results. But we all know life isn’t perfect and it isn’t designed to give us all the time we need to fit it all in. Sometimes to get it all done, you need a partner.

Enter – Agency Access and Karen D’Silva.

This year we took on the task of re-designing a customized website, and with that, we decided that to best serve our group of talented artists, we would need to bring in a company with a strong reputation in marketing to help us design and execute our agency promotion to go along with our new look. Karen was the perfect fit, a stylistic visionary and a market-savvy professional. After one conversation about how we wanted to elevate our brand, she instantly came forward with a brief showcasing all of her ideas, which merged well with what we wanted to accomplish. She immediately understood our Core Values campaign and distilled it into it’s component parts seeing each step of the process from the simple design of our materials (digital and printed), to the copy we would want to add to it. She discussed a 360 vision for the marketing campaign – touching on how our blog and social media feeds could be used to propel the campaign forward.   She understood the importance of impeccable and simple design and assembled an internal team to help address all of our advertising platforms – from direct mail to sourcebook ads. Her team was responsive to all our varied requests and multiple revisions when we needed their ideas to be even more special and precise (we are admittedly, picky people).

Currently, we are on our third cycle of our yearly promotion and the results have been far-reaching, varied and profitable. We are now back in the seat of managing all of the leads and relationships our campaign is bringing in, which is where we always want to be. The consistency is the key – and Karen and her team helped us get there. From helping build our targeted lists to mailing and digital delivery, we know we’ve got it covered.  We’ve even seen our promotion recognized on APhotoEditor’s blog each month since the launch of our campaign and have received kudos from our clients and friends of ETC.

In a an advertising environment where there are no guarantee as to what is working, it’s nice to know that a company like Agency Access is out there to help get the big job of promotion done and done well. We highly recommend our trusted partner in Karen D’Silva, and in the team that is Agency Access.”

ETC Creative uses an array of Agency Access services including our Campaign Manager program, a database subscription, email, along with the direct mail template design and print and mail fulfillment to create the “bi-fold” promotion pictured below.

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Lindsay Partridge

Lindsay has been with Agency Access for four years. After a transition from Campaign Manager where she managed multiple client campaigns, she found her home as Marketing Manager. She enjoys working in the creative world and bringing her Public Relations background to the forefront.

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