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Protecting Your Assets: Bookkeeping Basics

In the sixth segment of the Protecting Your Assets series, Judy Herrmann of, outlines what every photographer needs to understand about basic book-keeping including:

  • The best book-keeping software for your business
  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts
  • Managing receipts quickly and efficiently

In just under 6 minutes, you’ll get time-tested strategies that will let you extract the most value from your financial records, while spending the least amount of time dealing with them. Stay tuned for segment 7, which will help you calculate your Cost of Doing Business and understand what that number really means.

Judy Herrmann

Judy Herrmann of Herrmann + Starke creates distinctive imagery for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. Her work has won recognition from Graphis, Communication Arts, Lurzer’s Archive and numerous award annuals. A past ASMP National president and recipient of the United Nations’ IPC Leadership Award, she was recently named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s “11 Photographers You Should Know.” Her energetic and inspiring seminars on digital photography and smart business practices have helped thousands of creatives compete more effectively. Through one-on-one consultations and her blog,, she helps people grow creatively satisfying and financially rewarding businesses.

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